Fortnite bans certain actions in competitive play to avoid cheating

Which means that yes, technically jumping is grounds for banning

We wouldn't want to assail your dignity.

Good news, Fortnite players, you can be issued a ban for jumping during competitive play! Sort of, anyhow. See, Fortnite really doesn’t want players signaling to opposing players in the middle of competitive matches. “Signaling,” in this case, means communicating to opponents what the player is going to do next, allowing for unsavory sorts of cheating like win-trading and the like. Thus, to make sure that all players understand this rule, signaling of any sort is considered a bannable offense.

This includes signaling done via use of in-game emotes, jumping, swinging a pickaxe, and so forth. Before you get too alarmist at the thought that just a quick leap over terrain obstacles will get you banned, it is fairly clear from the post itself that this policy is referring to signaling your opponents via jumping, not just “if you jump in Fortnite you will be banned from competition.” Still, if you’re worried about potentially getting misunderstood in a sanctioned tournament match, maybe you should just keep both feet on the ground.

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