EVE Online player makes a 1 million PLEX bid for charity

In space, no one can transmit illness.

Last week, we reported on a PLEX for GOOD charity event being run by EVE Online to benefit the Australian brush fires victims. That was pretty good on its own, but one player has really stepped it up by helping to make a 1 million PLEX donation to the fundraising.

A player by the name of Kelon Darklight offered up an extremely rare ship for auction: a Gold Magnate, one of only two in existence in the entire game. The proceeds of the final auction will be turned into PLEX for the charity. One bid has risen above the others in the form of a 1 million PLEX offering from Illectroculus Defined, aka science YouTuber Scott Manley, who offered CCP some proof that his bid is legit. Additionally, the amount of PLEX has been confirmed to be in Manley’s inventory according to no less than CCP Games itself.

At the time of this writing, the sale has not yet been finalized, but the trade is expected to be finalized soon, if it hasn’t been already.

sources: press release, official forums (1, 2), Twitter
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