Rumor has it that Electronic Arts is doing something with Knights of the Old Republic

Welcome back, KOTOR

Ridin spinnas, ridin spinnas

Attention all hands; this is not a drill. Or maybe it is because, well… rumors are what they are. But the current rumor is that Electronic Arts is doing something with the franchise, although what exactly that might be remains shrouded in mystery. The rumors go from a remake or remaster of the first Knights of the Old Republic to a combination of elements and improvements from both KOTOR games to create something totally new… all of it still just rumored, of course.

Of course any resurrection of the franchise would also run smack into Star Wars: The Old Republic, which is still running and positions itself as a direct narrative sequel to both KOTOR games (although slightly more focused on the first one). Whether or not a subsequent project would be a sequel to the MMO, set between the second game and the ongoing MMO, or just off in a wholly speculative direction remains to be seen… assuming, of course, that it’s not a top-down remake of the first game or something similar. Or maybe it’s connected to that supposed movie trilogy. Rumors!

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