Lord of the Rings Online’s Riders of Rohan arrives on progression servers this week [Updated]

Plus a special cosmetic unlock


Update: It’s Wednesday.

Saddle up and ride for the horse kingdom: Riders of Rohan is coming to Lord of the Rings Online’s progression servers this week.

Standing Stone Games gave its community a heads-up this weekend on the upcoming unlock. Riders of Rohan originally came out in 2012 and added six new regions, increased the level cap to 85, and introduced war-steeds and mounted combat into the MMO.

The studio also hinted at an incoming gift for progression players: “We’ll also have more later this week on a special cosmetic item players can get for logging into Anor or Ithil.”

Last week, the live servers pushed out Update 25.3.2, which mainly made some adjustments to two of the new dungeons.

Source: Twitter
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