Experience all the play of Red Dead Online in Dreams… sort of


So you want to experience the gameplay of Red Dead Online but you spent what would have been your new game release budget on buying Dreams instead. Good news, an enterprising user has already replicated the experience of playing the former game within the latter! Assuming, of course, that you’re one of the many players hit with connection bugs while attempting to load up Rockstar’s cowboy simulator. Because yes, that’s the whole gag.

No, this isn’t really a simulation of Red Dead Online so much as a commentary on continual issues the service has experienced, but the gag is well-executed and it will likely make you snicker at least once if you’ve tried it out. Reddit has suggested that it would only be improved by having some people you can’t see throwing dynamite at you as you spawn in, but that takes away from the straightforward hilarity of the joke.


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Jon Wax

Thought you were talking about media molecule for a sec