Fallout 76 chats up the dialogue system, kicks off XP event


A new era of Fallout 76 is on the way this April, as the Wastelanders update promises to add human NPCs, a different main quest, Steam access, and, oh yeah, an actual dialogue system. Bethesda posted an overview of how talking in the online game will blow… your… mind. Or be like pretty much every RPG chat ever.

“The words you employ during your conversations with others can, at times, be even more powerful than your favorite weapons,” Bethesda said. “The decisions you make may help you forge alliances, find an alternate way to get something done, or even have an impact on your reputation with the Settlers or the Raiders.”

Two weeks ago, the studio shared how the new allies system will let you build relationships with NPCs.

And while Wastelanders is still over a month away, right now Fallout 76 players can enjoy some double experience all the way through noon on Monday. Level up them SPECIAL stats!

Source: Fallout 76


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Richard de Leon III

Rather wait for fallout 5 with no mtx and unrestricted modding. If fallout 5 will be as bad as fallout 76, I may have to just satisfy myself with fallout 3 nv and 4 to the end of my days.


Dialogue ? In a Fallout game ? What will they think of next ?