Sea of Thieves’ March update equips pirates with new deadly toys


It’s getting hot and toasty over in Sea of Thieves thanks to March’s big update, delayed briefly but now live: Heart of Fire. The free update for both console and PC delivers “a new tall tale continuing the sagas of Pendragon and Captain Flameheart, alongside more ways to fight your foes and a special challenge for Pirate Legends.”

In the titular tall tale, players will help Sir Arthur Pendragon go on a quest to save his friends’ souls while investigating a rumor about someone named Captain Flameheart and a dark ritual. “Prepare to face the heat from new and deadly traps while investigating the hidden lair of the Sea of Thieves’ fiercest foe,” Rare said.

The patch also includes a new Athena’s Run voyage (which can only be purchased by Pirate Legends), six new treasure types, chainshot ammunition, and the blunderbomb throwable weapon.


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