EverQuest bungles new overseer system, infuriating fans

EverQuest bungles new overseer system, infuriating fans

Sometimes, Daybreak’s just gotta Daybreak, and there’s nothing we can do but shake our heads and laugh mirthlessly.

A black cloud is spreading over EverQuest’s 21st birthday celebrations this month, a controversy that’s the studio’s own doing. The classic MMORPG received a new Overseer system (a remote agent system similar to EverQuest II’s feature), but at the last minute, Daybreak greatly adjusted the cost of rewards — and not in the players’ favor.

Apparently, Daybreak did not test and balance the system as well as it should have: “We believe it is important that this system is supplemental to gameplay and that it does not replace it. Some of the rewards offered were either too easily attained or greatly devalued items that are granted through gameplay.”

However, players felt that Daybreak went way too far with these changes. “Worthless,” “useless,” and “waste of time” were some of the reactions by the community on the forums.

Not only did this rankle people starting to use the system, but the change downright infuriated those who spent hundreds of dollars on agent packs ahead of these adjustments. Oh, and Daybreak’s not offering any refunds. That’s classy.

Source: EverQuest via MMO Bomb. Thanks Wilhelm!

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Denice J. Cook

This reminds me of back when the PC version of Diablo III with its real-money auction house first hit: people would spend hundreds of dollars on a top-tier item, only to watch its stats nerfed into the ground the next day.

And here I thought Darkpaw’s stealing World of Warcraft WoD’s Garrison Followers system so many years after the fact was bad enough!


that Company does that so often where they screw there own player base over , I remember when you could pay the subscription with daybreak crash or soe cash what ever you could call it , you could go store buy a card and get a 500 bonus points station cash so in theory you could buy 3 cards and get 4 months of subscription free. Well I remember they ran a double station cash on all cards or something like over a weekend and than when Monday came around they suddenly Took away the ability to pay the subscription with no warning or anything . I spent like 100 bucks on cards for Multiple accounts I was a boxer in EQ. anyways yeah i ended up loosing that money for garbage points that i still have sitting there.. and soe/daybreak smedly way is blame the player never apologize or fix things they screwed players over.

it’s Sad EQ is such a great game but they really just treat don’t treat there fans right that don’t kiss there butts.

Wilhelm Arcturus

Some players dumped money into the game because they spotted an exploit they could take advantage of and now they are sore that the loophole has been closed, but it is Daybreak that isn’t being classy?


Some people spent hundreds of dollars on agent packs? Damn, that’s stupid. Invest that money or spend it on something nice and tangible, or donate it to a charity. Remember when $12-$15 a month used to get us a complete MMORPG experience? We’ve allowed the game companies to do this to us, and as long as we do, they’re just going to continue to push the boundaries.

Bhagpuss Bhagpuss

As someone who’s actually using the Overseer system, and who’s written about it already, let me just say it’s an excellent addition to the game. The changes were necessary.

They probably should give refunds, provided the people who bought the items that were radically underpriced don’t also get to keep them.

Aaron Weddle

its the star trek online duty officer system or the World of warcraft garrison/class hall system and doesn’t contribute anything meaningful to game play

Jordan Myers

The changes were completely unnecessary. There’s was nothing overpowered about it and it did exactly what it was intended to do according to Holly. It helped people catch up. This was basically a slap in the face to mid tier guilds.