EverQuest’s 21st birthday includes agent system, level 85 boosts


Over at Daybreak’s Darkpaw Games, the EverQuest team is taking the MMO out to a bar for its first legal drink. After that? Expect a big 21st anniversary update come mid-March that includes freebies and a brand-new feature.

The freebie is a level 85 character, which will be granted to all subscribers. This will help get players in the zone for the Overseer system, which also starts at level 85. Overseers is a “passion project” from the team that lets players send out agents to do timed remote quests and bring back rewards, much like Star Trek Online’s duty officer system or RIFT’s minions.

What aren’t coming this March are the promised progression servers. The studio said that it’s aiming for a late spring or early summer rollout for these special ruleset shards. It also gave fans a heads-up that there will probably be server merges between now and then.

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