RIFT tests new world bosses, runs XP bonus event


Even if Gamigo has never stated it, it’s widely known that RIFT has been in maintenance mode for a good while now. Active development stuttered to a halt after Trion Worlds sold off the title, and repeated entreaties for the MMO’s new owners to talk abut the game’s future have fallen on deaf ears.

But perhaps there’s a (small) sign that Gamigo is trying to make RIFT better? Yesterday, the company put a new build on the test server that involves some frisky world bosses that require level 70 characters to tackle. It’s not much, but it’s something, you know?

RIFT is also helping the housebound population keep busy with a bonus event: “As a lot of you have to stay at home right now, we want to double your fun while playing RIFT by activating double experience, double favor, and double prestige from now on until Sunday, 29th of March.”

Source: RIFT. Thanks Clowd!

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About a year or so ago, a dedicated player reached out to Gamigo to try and buy the rights to Rift. Something tells me they probably wish they took that (generous) offer back then, seeing as Rift is now basically left for dead.

A shame too. Of all the WoW-era PvE centric MMO’s, Rift stood out as memorable, due to solid open world content and best-in-the-industry player housing.

Bruno Brito

Thought about downloading and playing it just for funsies. Then i remembered what kind of cashshop and population they have.

I’ll pass.

Roger Melly

From what I gather the North American servers still have a reasonable enough population to be able to the group content .The EU severs less so .

I sometimes jump back in for a bit of PVP but that is about it .

Kickstarter Donor

I actually jumped back in last week on a whim…struggled to find dungeons for 65 and below content, which isn’t super surprising but is still pretty disappointing.

And TOBY FAIR to gamigo…Trion had functionally ended development for like a year prior to selling it off. So gamigo has more or less kept things going largely unchanged so far.


i don’t have a max level yet but yeah, under 65 dungeons/queues are barren

tend to waste my time on intrepid dungeon and celestial adventure for group stuff (the xp and gear there is preferable than via questing in my experience) whenever i actually… play, instead of messing with minions and dimensions


That’s too bad. I’ve been wanting to jump in too because it’s one of those games that makes me go “Wait, that’s still alive?!” and wondering what it’s like now. The small dungeon population while leveling isn’t so attractive though. Rift had some of the best dungeon and raid content, especially with unique classes and functioning support(!) roles, so that would be one of the first things I’d try to do.

Omer Basaran Koc

I was there, 1 boss is a squirrel other one was a spider, Squirrel was releasing like 50 little squirrel and it was hit hard. Spider was spitting poisonus thing. They didnt create newest mobs they use old assets and Bosses HP Pool is x64 now at least they fix that problem.

They added new grind weapon called ”planar weapon” instead of eternal one, Eternal weapons are going to be a trash now. GG Eternals,

U are doing like 5-10 steps the reach your weapon to hit legendary planar one like killing rifts, invasion,bosses on specific zones etc.

We saw 2 of the bosses its going to be like 7.