Phantasy Star Online 2 confirms that the PC version is still arriving this spring

Very, very, very late.

There are people playing the official North American version of Phantasy Star Online 2 right now, but only on the Xbox One. The PC version is not out, and we don’t know when it’s going to be out. And as an added bit of a kick in the shins, it seems that the Xbox One version is pretty darn fun, too. But if you’re one of the people waiting eagerly for the PC version… well, the bad news is also the good news. Just keep waiting. Because it’s coming.

On the one hand, it’s frustrating as a fan of the game to look at that and realize that there are still no dates to be announced to play the game. On the other hand, it’s a confirmation that the PC release is still on track and the dates simply haven’t been announced yet. Which implies that the dates are known but still a secret… and that’s frustrating, but it should at least mollify PC players worrying that they won’t see the title at all.

Source: Twitter

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Hopefully that means by the end of May at the latest and not by mid-late June.

Or radio silence for another X years.


>when you see this was on April 1st so you try not to get your hopes up


Haha yes. “Hi there, everything is still on track for the PC release. April Fools!” :P


Thankfully today is April 2. :)

Castagere Shaikura

This is all so MS can have a big splash on the Xbox. The PC version doesn’t even need testing and they know it. It’s all about Xbox and all the special rewards you will get playing on Xbox.

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I’m looking forward to the PC release. I’m glad it’s finally officially coming to the West.

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Spring in the Northern, or Southern hemisphere? : P

I can wait. It’ll come, and we’ve waited years already. What’s a few more months?

Etharion Ethie

So basically any time between now and June 19th assuming no delays. Not sure how much experience their dev team has with PC architecture, but here’s hoping it goes well!


It isn’t an issue of experience, PSO2 was released for PC in Japan on top of the PS4 and other systems. If I had to guess…? Sega is probably still kicking the can further down the road when it comes to getting servers up for it. Microsoft might be putting up a bit of support on that end of things, which is why the Xbox version is running–as well as doing any necessary touch-ups on the port to it before launch (though with everything carrying over, the game has released in all but title).