Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen shows off the Shaman and discusses the mastery system


Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen has put out another livestream this week, with this one being all about the Shaman class and its various abilities as well as a brief look at the game’s mastery system.

The Shaman is one of Pantheon’s three primary healing classes, though the devs are working to make sure that all healer classes are mutually viable. The Shaman specifically is described as a versatile healing class, with focus on heal-over-time skills. Offensive skills appear to be all about damage-over-time as well, and the class has some crowd control skills on offer.

The stream also touched on the game’s mastery system, which is how players improve each individual ability. While many abilities have a maximum of three total mastery levels, their costs are tiered, with the first mastery level costing one point, the second costing four points, and the third costing nine points. The devs point out that this system is not a spec-based system, meaning that there will be a point where players will have fully mastered every ability in their class. That said, there will be “epic” level abilities which introduce some “soft specialization” choices.

As for earning mastery points, most of that will be done via leveling, but there will also be quests that award mastery points as well as rare NPCs that award a full bar of mastery experience when they’re killed; think treasure goblins in terms of mechanics. And if you’re anything like me and concerned that you’ll make poor point spending choices, there will be a respec option.

The livestream goes all over the map in terms of topics, but for those watching Pantheon closely, it’s likely worth the hour-long time investment.

source: YouTube

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Obi Wan

I liked the idea of a heavy focus on resistances with the core gameplay. Love the simple UI and some of the streamlining they reference in the video. And it’s cool that they are committed to shamans and druids being viable main healers, no longer the exclusive domain of clerics.

Hopefully, Pantheon will help reverse the boring, paint-by-numbers trend that WoW and others started years ago. I look forward to enjoying MMOs again.

Fang GWJ

Bah! I came here for the snuck in update that Holly Longsdale has taken over design/management.
I am a sad panda :(


Ah, the shaman! What I always liked about the EQ shaman was how much I could help other people.

“sow plz”

“What am I, a vending machine? Bugger off”

Bruno Brito

“I’ll help if you pay me”