Soulworker explains why the game’s updates have been slower recently

Work that soul, yo

The update cadence has been slow for Soulworker of late, but it turns out the reason was Gameforge has been trying to give players the content they wanted sooner than it was supposed to happen. A letter to the community explains that when updates happen, the development sequence is set by the Korean version, with each new update bringing in features that were built up by the previous one even in cases wherein the updates don’t appear to be directly linked to one another.

Attempting to bring Chii into the game earlier resulted in breaking that flow and deploying something out of order, which has meant that the localized version has had several unfortunate code snarls that need to be undone in order to get the content releases back on the same basic trajectory. That doesn’t mean more updates aren’t planned, of course, with Dipluce Horizon coming out next, followed by Hidden Hideout, and finally Corrupted Record. It’s taken longer than planned, but the up side is that the lesson has been learned and hopefully this particular mistake won’t be made again.


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Still want to know where I can play this.

Can’t play the Japanese version, can’t play the Korean version, can’t play the NA version.

All versions are IP blocked.

When I ask they say the SEA / OCE region rights are owned by “someone” – but won’t tell me who.

As far as I can tell, their are no other versions than those three.