RuneScape talks about Archaeology adjustments, an Easter event, and visual updates


RuneScape is feeling the spring season and emerging from the winter cold with another load of updates for the week, the more notable of them being some tweaks to the recently released Archaeology skill, details on the MMO’s Easter event, and some fresh new visual updates for players’ eyeballs to enjoy.

We’ll start with Archaeology updates, which are all based on feedback points from players. The majority of these adjustments are outlined in this week’s patch notes, but some of the highlights pointed out involve being able to use certain cows during a relevant Archaeology mystery and excavation not being interrupted by other actions.

From April 8th through the 15th, RuneScape players are being asked to help the Easter Bunny by finding eggs stolen by imps for black market trading and bringing them back. Those who do will be rewarded with Easter-themed cosmetics, or players can trade those eggs with a black market dealer for some mystery boxes.

Finally, visual updates that were first discussed in early March are now in the game. These updates include improved highlighting of interactable objects, tree canopy removal for a clearer view of where your character is, and a new Depth of Field visual feature available to those who can run RuneScape on at least High settings. Which shouldn’t be that challenging for most.

The weekly update is once more full of its usual bits and bobs like streaming schedules, a race for the first to hit level 99 in Archaeology, and a contest. If you’re a RuneScape fan, there’s plenty to look at this week.

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