RuneScape shows off object outlining, begins elaborating on Archaeology, and hosts a crafting event


RuneScape fans, it’s Monday, so that means we’re once again just gorged full of news items related to the sandbox MMORPG. Let’s exercise that bullet format and line it all out for you, shall we?

  • Do you find it confusing to know what can be interacted with in-game? Tired of hovering your mouse over items to see what can be clicked on like every point-and-click adventure game? Well now you still have to do that, but there will be some outlines around what players can interact with. These outlines are color coded as well based on the type of target, and can be turned off if you like. There’s also some new tech coming that clears overhead tree foliage in a circle around your character to make it easier to see the ground beneath.
  • Jagex is beginning to drum up the hype for its upcoming Archaeology skill with a new series of videos. First up is a video that’s all about the basics of the new skill, from excavating items and finding artifacts to restoring those artifacts with materials either found at dig sites or in trade with other players. It’s about half information and half attempts at humor, but the information parts are worth it.
  • Finally, the regular weekly update has details on the Master Crafting event running between now and March 23rd. Crafting players can enjoy 10% crafting XP and 5% more XP when training other skills, as well as earn Master Craft Patches that can be turned in for rewards like tools, a Master Crafter’s outfit, and buffs that last for the duration of the event. The weekly update has all of the usual information RuneScape players expect as well, so make sure to give it a once over.

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