EVE Online shows off visual updates for moons and promises continued regular content patches


EVE Online has posted another episode of its EVE Pulse video series, and while this episode is a bit thin on big reveals, it does provide a quick look at some new visuals being worked on for the game’s moons and a general update on the game’s content cadence going forward.

A brief word from creative director CCP Burger offered a nod to EVE Online’s recent pace of updates, which should be continuing into the foreseeable future. Given the cancellation of EVE Fanfest, players should also expect more of CCP Burger over the coming few episodes to talk about the future of EVE Online over the rest of 2020.

The video also provided a quick look at several visual adjustments being made to the moons of New Eden, with new higher resolution textures and lighting effects to make moons look more realistic. There was also a look at a number of new ship SKINs in the store before CCP Convict was blown up again.

Finally, the video offered a quick reminder that it’s SCM week at the main office in Reykjavik, and the next episode of EVE Pulse will provide some more information on the topics of discussion and how things went. For now, the current episode can be found below.

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