RaiderZ reboot shows off progress on basic attack improvements and the skill socket system


Developer Masangsoft has posted a new progress update video for its reboot of RaiderZ, showing off some new updates in terms of improved basic attack speed and a skill socket system among other things.

The video opens up with a demonstration of how the game’s basic attacks used to work, noting that their slow speed led to players not being able to perform complete combos before needing to dodge an attack. The rebooted version, however, features a much faster basic attack speed which will add a stacking buff that makes engaged skills more powerful, making basic attacks the core of combat.

Speaking of skills, a skill socket system was demonstrated that effectively lets players socket a skill into a weapon much like a jewel or gem, then drag the equipped skill into the hotbar for use. Bear in mind, though, that certain skills can only be socketed to certain items. The video also provided a look at some new updated weapons and armors and confirmed that unused items can be broken down into resources.

For those who maybe don’t recall (especially since the last report was in November 2018), RaiderZ is being brought back from the dead after PWE closed it down in 2015. While new word has been sporadic (owing to the devs presumably being hard at work), the game has made slow yet steady progress with plans for its story and classes, a look at UI updates and the starter zone among other things, and now this current peek at combat tweaks. That video is embedded below; make sure you turn on subtitles.

source: YouTube via Facebook, thanks to Leiloni for the tip!
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