Check out how the RaiderZ reboot iz coming along


Remember how RaiderZ was getting a reboot? Yeah, probably not, but it’s happening. PWE shut it down here in the west back in 2015 following the dissolution of the original development studio. But about a year ago, Masangsoft announced it had taken over from that studio and was bringing the MMO back to life.

This past year, Masangsoft has been updating its Facebook page with news on progress, noting how it was focusing on story, repeatable endgame content, and the removal of the class-based progression system. Last week, it even posted up a new video showing off the current state of the UI, the evade system, character creation, and newbie starting zone. It actually looks pretty and not nearly as dated as you might think. Give it a peek!

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RaiderZ is shutting down in August - Perfect World is shutting down RaiderZ, effective August 7th at 1:00 p.m. EDT. The firm says that payments back-dated to May 7th will be refunded to your Arc account balance…
Source: Facebook via MMORPG
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