RaiderZ posts plans for its revival changes and future development

What does it take to kill this

It’s not enough just to say that RaiderZ is coming back and be done with it, and Masangsoft has finally shared some of the studio’s plans for the reborn title on its Facebook page. The good news is that there’s an understanding that just re-releasing the title won’t work at all; there were problems with the game’s longevity and game mechanics that led to its initial shutdown. Overall, the development roadmap is meant to give players a longer lifespan for the game’s content without diminishing what was fun about it in the first place.

For one thing, the game is going to be delving into story more effectively and providing more repeatable endgame content to keep players engaged. It’s also moving away from a class-based system into a more open system for characters, along with offering a greater diversity of viable equipment for endgame players. They seem like ambitious goals, but the developers seem confident that many of these issues can be fixed with comparatively minor tweaks; you can check out the full development rundown on the official status update.

Source: Facebook; thanks to Leiloni for the tip!
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Sweet. I was actually playing this game when it was with PWE. I’d definitely give the revival a shot.


Sweet !! RaiderZ has one of the best combat systems to this day and tbh none, not even BnS can compete with it . If they do things right and come back with a healthy game, I’m sure it’s gonna hit hard.

~ Sending good vibes ~

Alexander Smith

I wish publishers realized things like this before shutting down. RaiderZ wasn’t a horrid game and probably could have done pretty well (at least around TERA levels) if it wasn’t abandoned by the publisher. They were super far behind the Korean servers regrading patches and content.


I think both the developer and the publisher were at fault there but this is a different developer now so who knows what we can expect this time around.