Star Citizen’s Pillar Talk discusses friends list features and better persistence in alpha 3.9


The next alpha update for Star Citizen has its fair share of big-ticket items — the New Babbage area, the prison, new missions, new ships — but the most recent episode of Pillar Talk is about some of the smaller yet no less important features that 3.9 is bringing to the table – mostly. Cloud Imperium did talk about some of the bigger stuff too.

One of the first items is a unified friends list, which will finally bring together friend lists from the Spectrum forums and the game itself. This will, at the rudimentary stage, allow players to see what their friends are up to in relation to Star Citizen, whether they’re in the PU or elsewhere. Another item is continued persistence thanks to the i-cache system that will hopefully let players keep more of their stuff on themselves.

The video also points to some quality-of-life features that include (ideally) better stability and the introduction of reduced rewind time latency, which readers will recall is the rollback net code-style delay that was brought up in a February Q&A. This particular feature is more for the benefit of the FPS mode than the sandbox mode, but it will be available with this update.

The video then moves on to discuss some of the bigger updates in 3.9, like the Inner Thought contextual UI and its features, the weapons attachment UI and New Babbage, and the in-game prison. The whole 28-odd minutes is available below.

source: YouTube


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drew who

I remember the days when Star Citizen inspired dozens of comments both for and against . Now it seems like an echo chamber because those against are being proven more and more right with every year that passes and those for are tired of defending a game which has such shambolic development .

Joe Blobers

Historically the percentage or negative comments, including the constant and so “expert” advises about collapse, vaporware, scam, ponzi… plus the cohort of skeptical about crowdfunding model, all of them largely surpassed the pro or even reasonable comments… not counting most reasonable comments with gameplay details were done by close to a single person: DK… who deserve like anyone to spend its time doing something else overtime.

Quote @drew: ““because those against are being proven more and more right with every year.
What each year prove is that two ambitious Triple-A can’t be done starting from scratch in less time than another company with many good games already released, with 500 devs, all up-to-date pipelines can’t deliver another one (CB2077).
CD Projekt, a company I fully respect for their quality games and honesty to gamer by pushing away release by a couple quarters because they do not fill comfortable with current result. A company I will support by buying CD2077 at release because I did not have the opportunity to do it via crowdfunding model.

What is even more stunning is that some individual will never learn basics and turn facts in “proof” of the opposite and that comments section, never reflect support companies receive IRL… to be compared with never ending flow of new backers by ten thousands each quarters, more pledges, more private investors funds, more contents and gameplay.

Let’s imagine a world where gamer do join a project based on crowdfunded model, based on status Alpha, Beta or release but also on specific development phase with gameplay or games mode added over time quarterly or level of persistence status… Damned… who said Star Citizen + Squadron 42? :)

Vicarious Fan

I’ll be honest i haven’t been following this game until just the other day when i ran across a youtube video… but from what i have seen it is possible and they are getting close to what was promised. it’s just taking years longer.

So how are the ones against being proved right?


3 years until beta..

drew who

I remember being told on this very site by fans of this game that I was being ridiculous by suggesting a 2020 release at the earliest . Now I think its more likely to be 2025 at the earliest . I wonder how many will think I am ridiculous now .

That said I hope it does release because it is an interesting project if it manages to pull off all it promises .

Its something I might play in my retirement . That is not a sarcastic comment because I will retire in 2028 . Which will either be a year or two after it is released or before its released .