Star Citizen Live discusses the Theaters of War multiplayer FPS mode


One of the more surprising reveals to come out of last year’s CitizenCon was Theaters of War, a 20v20 mode arriving to Star Citizen that sees players fighting it out in combined arms combat in multi-phase matches. In the most recent Star Citizen Live, fans got to hear from technical director Sean Tracy about what the mode is looking to achieve and updates on its development.

Ultimately, Theaters of War is a mode that’s meant to combine Star Marine and Arena Commander together to form a test bed for how a wide variety of combat vehicles and combat between players shakes down in live testing; a player could own a Ballista anti-air vehicle in the Persistent Universe but find no reason to use it for hours, meaning what its capable of isn’t really well known by CIG. The mode will also work on the Persistent Universe’s code base, meaning Theaters of War should ultimately bring benefits to the greater Star Citizen game at large a la Apocalypse for Ashes of Creation or Colossus for Camelot Unchained.

The majority of the broadcast, as is often the case with Star Citizen Live, was focused on player questions. One of the most prevalent questions was regarding lag and hit registry issues that plague the Star Marine FPS mode and the wider game as a whole now. Tracy immediately acknowledged that Theaters of War will suffer from precisely these same issues, but that’s the point: The mode is meant to bring these problems to the fore so they can be better addressed. There have been improvements made ahead of time, however, such as a reduction of an introduced “rewind time” feature added in 2.0 (which sounds a bit like rollback net code in fighting games) in order to make things feel more responsive. This rewind time feature can now also be adjusted in real time by the devs.

As for when Theaters of War is due to arrive, Tracy wants to get the mode online in the first half of this year and he reports that development is on track for that release window.

The video further took additional questions from players regarding things like the possibility of destructible environments, changes made to the mode since collecting feedback from CitizenCon, and how other gameplay focuses in the Persistent Universe like electronic warfare and medical gameplay will be introduced to the mode among other questions. You can find the full video below.

source: YouTube

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Sean Tracy explaining the reasons behind creating Theater of War, are grounded necessities but it’s just painfully telling that it’s adding more to the development timeline in the process of getting a playable game, not a polished or finished game but a playable eco-system release. If you got a frank (honest) guess from the coordinating team on Star Citizen’s release, I’m sure it would be 3+ years from now (beginning of 2024). $267 million doesn’t really seem like a lot running 4 studios now for 4 years but people are still gladly funding and cautiously enjoying what they can play now. We’re safely over the half way point but still a long ways off before we see this title as envisioned.

Tee Parsley

Back in 2015 or so, I was predicting a (grossly optimistic now) 2020 Star Citizen release. You shoulda seen the negative responses from the fanbase!

They want to release something incredible, but the top management is just so screwy. And they never appear to learn from their mistakes. But hey, it keeps a lot of people employed at least. Til 2024+, or when the money starts slacking…..


IDK – I honestly wish CR would STOP being so anal about his procedural and “I want it to be somewhat realistic but also intuitive’ flight moiled (IE he doesn’t want WWII in space – even though that worked fine for practically every space sim to date). Also the whole “We want it to to be fast, but also want it close so you can SEE the other person’s ship…blah…blah…”

Either they go full e-War style fully physics based flight model, or go with the standard that everyone got used to in Wing Commander – constantly going back and forth and being UNABLE to nail down a decent flight model after 7 years development of a game involving fighters…come on.