Elder Tales is a developing MMORPG based on the anime Log Horizon


We’d like to introduce you to another in-development MMORPG. It’s called Elder Tales, an MMORPG based on the anime Log Horizon, and by all accounts it has a fair number of features going for it that should perk up one’s ears in spite of the anime labeling on its tin.

Elder Tales takes place before the events of the Log Horizon series, at a time where players can “remember how the birth of adventurers began, and what led to the decline of the Alves.” The game features four races and 12 different classes broken down into four archetypes — warrior, healer, vagabonds (aka thieves), and mages.

Additional features in Elder Tales include a weapon crafting system that is based on producing resources and performing experiments, clan wars and land battles as well as caravan route planning (and, consequently, caravan attacking), the ability to buy houses, fortresses, farms, and mines as well as run your own shop, dynamic events, a player-run economy, and promise of a non-linear storyline with multiple endings in a world that lets players “explore […] without restrictions on the level and tasks.”

According to one of the game’s Facebook posts, Elder Tales is currently doing some form of alpha testing, though there doesn’t seem to be much confirmation on whether this is all being done with a proper license or team. For now, you can a recent peek of character creation below.

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