Last Oasis brings challenging new maps with new resources in its latest update


Today was a big day for woodpunk survival MMO Last Oasis. Not only was it able to stay stable since its launch day stumble, it’s even got a brand-new update that introduces harder maps full of new potential.

These new hard maps provide unique resources that are needed for higher tier crafting recipes like more walkers, better gear, and more efficient harvesting tools. They also have ancient ruins or locations to explore, which could house things like the ability to craft Tablets out of fragments, a maze with rewards at the end, or a large ancient city with loot to discover and fight over. These new maps also new Rupu camps and loot sites as well, along with new monsters to contend with.

What’s perhaps most interesting of all with these new oases is they have claimable territory, granting clans the opportunity to make something of a base and impose harvesting and tax bonuses for players arriving to their lands, which (ideally) will allow solo players and small groups a measure of protection provided by land-owning clans. Ultimately, Last Oasis hopes that these new locations will bring long-term goals for clans, as well as give clans a reason to declare wars with one another.

The update is live right now and is the first of promised future updates to the title. Plans include another large content patch that will include gameplay improvements and a new type of walker, an update that will grant the ability to change your character’s name and appearance some time next week, and the launch of private servers, though that is taking some time to optimize properly.

At the time of this writing, Last Oasis appears to be doing well for itself in the player concurrency department, with a 24-hour peak of 30,054 players — very near to its all-time peak of 33,104.

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