Last Oasis is back online after its week-long shutdown and weekend stress testing


All systems are go for woodpunk survival MMO Last Oasis, which readers will recall had an early access launch that was plagued by connection issues that eventually forced the game to go into a week-long shutdown.

This past Saturday, the game kicked off a stress test to see if things were back up and running and kept the servers on overnight to ensure the matters have been cleared. At the time of this writing, it looks like Last Oasis is staying online with no wipes, and there’s even a content patch scheduled for some time next week that lets players change their character’s name and appearance.

So just what happened? According to one of the Saturday update posts, it sounded like a cascade failure of several things going wrong at once, with servers shutting down due to failsafes.

“Our systems were essentially stuck in a loop with multiple issues affecting each other. As all the servers were shutting down and restarting, over 20k people were trying to rejoin at the same time, leading to our queue system failing, which then kept overloading the master server, letting only a few people to join a time until the master server would shut off again and take all servers down with it. And the cycle would continue.”

sources: Twitter, Steam (1, 2)
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