Wurm Online proudly shows off its fancy new UI


After lots of iterations and adjustments (and likely more before the final result goes live), Wurm Online is ready to show off its new UI, which brings a number of new features for users to interface with.

Not only will the chat UI feature new visual polish, but will have functions like an inventory search and better tab functionality to make tabs easier to break up and link together as needed. Right-click contextual menus have been improved as well, with new visuals and permanent context buttons moved to an icon slot, and other additions have been made like a default action key, better in-world text, and the ability to drag items in the world into open containers without needing to open windows.

A preview client with these new UI features will be opened within a month for public testing. Until then, the announcement post has previews in the form of animated gifs and small videos for players to look at, a couple of which we’ve embedded below.

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