Fallout 76 NPCs can (and will) loot your corpse and take your shiny weapon


With the addition of NPCs to Fallout 76, things in the multiplayer game have certainly shifted for the better, but it also doesn’t seem we can have an update to this game without some sort of weird bug, and sure enough there is one: It turns out that NPCs in the game can straight-up loot your corpse.

According to the Reddit post and since confirmed in video footage, NPCs that are part of the new events Riding Shotgun and Radiation Rumble will loot player corpses if they die during an event, often snatching up players’ hard-earned, unique weapons and all of their ammo.

It sounds like there are a number of stars that have to line up for this to happen, such as players having much better gear than an NPC yet still dying while using said gear (remember kids: kit doesn’t always replace skill), but it’s happened enough to raise community concerns. While this sort of behavior isn’t entirely unique in MMOs — NPCs in Ultima Online can do this, for example — it appears that this isn’t meant to occur in Fallout 76 and the devs are looking in to it.


sources: Reddit and YouTube via PC Gamer
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