Check out Cosmonaut, a fan-created monthly Star Citizen magazine


Fan creativity is always one of the cooler things to see, and the fanbase of Star Citizen looks to have some similarly creative folks. Case in point: a community-crafted monthly magazine known as Cosmonaut, which had its premiere issue released last week.

This digital fanzine comes with no small amount of design work, with pages that are beautifully laid out and a website that has a dynamic presentation. The first issue includes tours of the Anvil Carrack and the 890 Jump, an article on the Daymar Rally race, and even some self-created in-universe advertisements. The mag can be read in either desktop or mobile versions.

Cosmonaut is a Patreon-supported venture, with three different tiers that include in-magazine credits, entrance to a special Discord, and even printed copies of the ‘zine delivered to your door. There’s even a space for fans to submit their own articles complete with a style guide.

In other, more developer-facing Star Citizen news, CIG will be hosting an AMA all about its Quantum system, which readers will recall is the simulation program that injects NPC behaviors meant to drive economic movement in the sandbox that was first revealed at last year’s CitizenCon. That AMA will be held this afternoon at 2:00 p.m. EDT.

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