Star Wars Galaxies Legends players share messages of support and goodwill

They're not attractive spaceships.

These are still very weird times we live in as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to roll along, and now more than ever communities of MMO gamers are coming together in solidarity. Part of that good community cheer is being shared by Star Wars Galaxies Legends, who asked players to record messages of support to one another and cut together some of the responses in a recent video.

“We had so many video messages not all of them could be included within the video due to the duration of the clips. We hope that everyone that there stays safe during this time. May the force be with you and hope to see you within the game.”

Even if you’re not part of the SWGL community, the messages posted in the video are lovely, so allow us to boost the signal how we can with the embed below.

source: YouTube. Thanks, Ray!

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Bruno Brito

Great server. Great community. Cannot recommend enough.

I’m still salty about AFK play, boss.