The Repopulation continues to squash bugs and plans to add water soon


There’s been yet another bug-crushing update made to The Repopulation, which is to be expected for a game still in an alpha state. This one seems to be a general cleanup patch, tackling bugs found on the starter island and on the mainland as well as a few more long-standing issues. The patch also has also fleshed out some visual details in the Districts, adding terrain detail and appropriate clutter to places like OWON and its embassy.

Looking ahead to spring and summer, the devs hope to be adding water to the game, or more specifically expanding the Stara Baska Sea and removing heightmaps that were raised to join the seas. These updates, along with further detail additions through the next several months, will effectively finalize preparations for the world revamp.

As for this patch, you can get a full rundown of what’s changed in the April update post or in the patch notes.

MMO players will recall that The Repopulation was Kickstarted twice for around $230,000 and hit Steam early access in 2014, where it’s lingered ever since – excepting the year it was offline entirely thanks to the HeroEngine dispute that ultimately saw Idea Fabrik take it over in 2017.

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