Introducing Animal Crossing but it’s a horror movie


Anyone who has played Animal Crossing: New Horizons knows that the scariest possible thing to befall you on the island are things like hot items that aren’t worth the effort to craft or getting bit by a tarantula when you were busy, or maybe running out of materials to make tools while on an island expedition. Unless, of course, you’re the creator of the trailer that shows Animal Crossing: New Horizons to be a horrifying torment descending into pain and madness.

No, really. This is Animal Crossing cut, scored, and arranged like a horror movie, with only the vaguest hints of an actual plot but just enough that it feels appropriately weird and scary throughout. If you’ve ever wanted to see what the game would be like as something more reminiscent of Silent Hill… well, you’re an odd one, but this trailer has you covered just the same. Are we entirely certain that YouTuber Evil Imp doesn’t know Jordan Peele?

Source: Reddit via VG24/7

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A work of genius.

And a fine example of the tremendous power music has over our emotions.

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Hey, happy to see you here, i keep telling myself i haven’t seen Schlag for a long time :-)


I wish this had 2 islands per Switch. I’d play the hell out of it. Folks are getting super creative with it.


I mean, look… It’s already been shown (canon perhaps even?) that Silent Hill was controlled by a dog, a shiba inu specifically, wearing a headset.

And what do we have in Animal Crossing? Isabelle. Sure she’s no Shiba Inu, but she’s close enough! Because guess what! She is guaranteed to be wearing a headset, and she sure as heck controls everything around you and even what you do… even if you don’t realize it.

… This isn’t a coincidence.

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animal crossing: teaching kids about trafficking villagers. the gray market on high tier villagers is mind boggling. it’s as lucrative as star citizen’s gray market.


This is why I love my hacked Switch; I can not only scan virtual versions of any Amiibo card I want (to get every single villager apart from the most recent 8), but also replace which villager each card summons (so I can get even those 8 villagers that don’t have an Amiibo card yet). I got Raymond and Audie that way, and will be slowly replacing older villagers after I get their photo; the first five in particular must go in order for me to get their correct house interior and exterior instead of the pared down version you build for them at the start.

(BTW, if you have access to a Samsung phone running Android 9+ you can scan virtual amiibo for free without having to hack your switch or pay anything; there’s a free joycon emulator app for those phones that also includes scanning virtual Amiibo. Replacing the summoned villager does require a hacked Switch, though, so the last 8 villagers can’t be summoned with just the app until Nintendo releases official Amiibo for them and updates the game to support those.)