Black Desert writes a season server guide and opens character pre-registration, mobile adds New Valencia


If you’re among the Black Desert players eager to find out about the upcoming season server type that was announced at this year’s Heidel Ball, then you’re in luck. The official site has offered up a general guide on just what season servers are and how they’ll work, and has even opened up character creation for the new server type. Players will even get some in-game goodies for participating in the pre-registration event.

As for the more immediate future of Black Desert, the latest patch notes detail updates including increased drop rates for weapon and armor Black Stones for defeating monsters and Sharp Black Crystal Shards and Hard Black Crystal Shards for gathering. There’s also some new weapons and new gathering tools that can be rented with Contribution Points among other updates.

Incidentally, if you’re curious to learn more about what was revealed during the Black Desert Heidel Ball, make sure you check out Carlo’s two-part recap.

There’s news on the Black Desert Mobile side as well, specifically the opening of the New Valencia region, offering more story and more monsters to fight. The West Valencia region, which includes Bashim and Waragon territories, opens players up to the opportunity to earn Abyssal-grade gear and climb to the new level cap of 75. This is the first part of the area’s arrival to the mobile version, with future updates planned to open more of the region later.

sources: Black Desert official site (1, 2, 3), press release

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A cool and slightly altering event if you were already planning to/been wanting to level up new classes. It’s been delayed though, if it’s for US rioting that would seem counter productive to set precedents like that.


It’s sad how everything they do is centered on the sales of gambling-based equipment upgrade tokens. Except for the welfare gear during the outbreak.

Also I wonder if this new game mode will become available as a stand-alone game after initial tests on the existing player base? Like it happened with Shadow Arena.


The “new” game mode is just them renaming some Olvia servers and giving special characters access to them. These characters can’t use normal gear, can only use the special new gear, none of which can be sold on the market. At the end you can choose a few pieces of gear that get converted over into account bound versions of boss gear and a PEN Capotia (equivalent of a TET Ring).

There’s nothing stand alone worthy to what amounts to a catch up mechanic.