Warcraft movie director Duncan Jones chats about the sequels we never got


So this was an interesting little event on Twitter. A film blogger tweeted out a brief notice that he was watching the Warcraft film for the first time, noting that director Duncan Jones “made a terrific fantasy film and [Universal Pictures and Blizzard Entertainment] should have let him continue the story.” This summoned Jones from the ether, where he offered up a few insights about the film.

As one would expect from the Warcraft film having a subtitle, there was a trilogy of movies planned, with part 2 recounting Thrall as a young orc slave in Blackmoore’s gladiator camp and part 3 chronicling how the orcs were freed from the Eastern Kingdom and established Orgrimmar. “It would have been something special,” Jones opined.

Jones continued to field a few more Twitter questions, noting that he would direct another video game film but not one as high profile as Warcraft, while also noting that he had an idea for a TV series but nixed it owing to low US box office numbers (even though the film overall had high worldwide gross earnings).

That said, Jones also remarked that making movies about games is a challenge. “I’ve never believed that making a movie based on a video game was itself the problem,” he writes. “A good idea for a film can be based on just about anything […] but movies based on games have a heavy expectation, pro & con held over them, fair or not.”

source: Twitter (1, 2) via Wowhead

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I’m calling it now…we will see a TV series on Netflix based in the Warcraft universe by 2025.

Oleg Chebeneev

Movie based on Dark Empire era would be lit. Or based on W3 events and Lich King


The movie is actually very good, brilliant really. It took a few watches for me to “get it” i know most peeps whom don’t like it probably only watched it once, like me. After taking my boys to the theater my eldest was enamored, he loved it, but he is a Warcraft lore master, ask him anything, i mean anything he knows. The younger one, yeah it was good, was enough action for him, lol. Me i was confused and felt like the movie was a jumbled mess, but yeah was ok i guess.

Now that i actually play the game and know more about the lore from playing classic and retail, and the guild talking about lore, the movie started to make much more sense and once that’s clear you find it was actually done really well too.

I’m surprised to find that the novels have a enormous amount of depth and impact in the world you play in. I mean they (guild) talk about what is in the books and they give examples of what is happening in the world and things that happen that are all explained in the novels, almost like you really should have read the novel before playing or you’re pretty much clued out on what’s really going on.

Even minor background things and unfortunately i can’t recall anything atm, but as an example something about lanterns and when they are lite an image appears above them and unless you read the book it’s just background stuff, kinda like Mass Effect 3 i suppose, there was so much fan service for those of us whom read all the novels, and people whom didn’t missed out huge.

I dunno i guess i’m surprised how deep wow lore really is and reading the novels is almost a requirement, to a point i hear it changes your entire perspective playing within that world, i’m sure reading all the quest text helps too, but yeah i just like to melt stuff most of the time :)


After reading that I’m glad they didn’t bother tbh, the film was alright I suppose, I’ve seen much, much worse but they should have just done Warcraft 2, 3 and the frozen throne since they are the only good bits/bits anyone cares about anyway and they should have stuck to the spirit of story at the very least…for example every human except, what 2 of them? is a racist asshole in the games (in fact, almost *everyone* is an asshole but this is a Warhammer rip-off so that’s kind of the point…) yet in the film they are all goody 2 shoes…why? If you aren’t going to stick at least reasonably closely to the story/spirit why even have the license at all?

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See. We said it was a Horde movie!
Studios pick up existing IPs to get a ready-made audience for their movie. That doesn’t work for games because the players most invested in a game are predisposed to movie reinterpretations (it invalidates their gaming experience). Studios should target genre fans instead but if you are making a genre film then what is the point in hamstringing yourself to an existing IP?

Kevin Smith

If they had just done a full CGI movie this would have been a very good movie. Instead they went with live action which to be honest just sucked. If you can visually tell the difference between what is animated and real without even trying that should be a sign to not do it. I really wish they had went on to make the other movies. Hell I would be OK with cartoon version. Should just get the animators that do the cut-scenes to make the stuff.


Seems like Mr. Jones has concluded…

“There’s a fly floating around in my milk! There’s a foreign body in it, you see, and he’s getting a lot of milk. That’s kind of how I feel.”

– David Bowie

John Artemus
John Artemus

It just wasn’t a good movie. But I actually agree with Jones that films based on games are tough to make. I just don’t think video games lend themselves well to live-action films or television. Certain aspects of a game might, but not the overall game.

I have yet to see a single movie based on a video game that was good. The trailers for Assassin’s Creed looked very promising, and it had a good cast. I love Michael Fassbender. But the movie itself was completely forgettable. Same thing with Tomb Raider and the Resident Evil series, although the first movie was enjoyable.

Despite video games being very cinematic today, they just do not mesh well. At all.


I’m certain it can be done, they just always make a mess of it…the Resident Evil films are some of the worst movies I’ve ever seen…but they didn’t have to be, everything they needed to make a good film was there they just….didn’t.


It was a good/needed fantasy movie IMO that certainly had its flaws but was still enjoyable. Shame it couldn’t get any sequels. I think the Second War has some of the best story content out of the Warcraft universe and many don’t really know about that period since WC3 or WoW was where most folks first got introduced to the story/etc. and guessing most don’t read the books.


I enjoyed the movie.

I had no real knowledge of warcraft before hand, I’ve never enjoyed blizzards games so I was going into it pretty blind. I enjoyed the visuals of the movie, and I’m a fan of Travis Fimmel.

I’m not quite sure where the core problem lay though.

They had a pretty good cast who I know can act. I’ve seen them acting well in other films and tv shows. Yet, in Warcraft, the majority of them seemed to suck. Whether that was the fault of the script writers, or a weak director, or the actors themselves just phoning it in, I don’t know. But something was definitely wrong.