Warcraft movie director Duncan Jones chats about the sequels we never got


So this was an interesting little event on Twitter. A film blogger tweeted out a brief notice that he was watching the Warcraft film for the first time, noting that director Duncan Jones “made a terrific fantasy film and [Universal Pictures and Blizzard Entertainment] should have let him continue the story.” This summoned Jones from the ether, where he offered up a few insights about the film.

As one would expect from the Warcraft film having a subtitle, there was a trilogy of movies planned, with part 2 recounting Thrall as a young orc slave in Blackmoore’s gladiator camp and part 3 chronicling how the orcs were freed from the Eastern Kingdom and established Orgrimmar. “It would have been something special,” Jones opined.

Jones continued to field a few more Twitter questions, noting that he would direct another video game film but not one as high profile as Warcraft, while also noting that he had an idea for a TV series but nixed it owing to low US box office numbers (even though the film overall had high worldwide gross earnings).

That said, Jones also remarked that making movies about games is a challenge. “I’ve never believed that making a movie based on a video game was itself the problem,” he writes. “A good idea for a film can be based on just about anything […] but movies based on games have a heavy expectation, pro & con held over them, fair or not.”

source: Twitter (1, 2) via Wowhead
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