Animal Crossing: New Horizons is letting you swim and dive starting on July 3

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Sure, having your own private island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is nice, but why not just descend into the water around it and never emerge? The bad news is that even once the game’s swimming update lands on July 3rd, you will need to emerge. But you’ll also want to, because the update means that there are new deep sea creatures to turn in to Blathers for display before you go on to sell them to the Nooklings for ever-greater numbers of Bells. Everybody wins! (Except the sea creatures.)

There’s also a new set of encounters with Pascal, who offers DIY recipes in exchange for specific sea creatures, and a new set of encounters for washed-up visitors on your shores. There’s apparently more coming in August, but for the moment, turn your thoughts to heading under the sea and scooping up crustaceans and fish you’ve never before gotten ahold of.

Source: Twitter
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