Thousands turn out for terminal EVE Online player’s final birthday bash


EVE Online is probably best known for its ruthless player alliances sparking massive wars over territory, but this week everyone set their differences aside to help one player go out with a bang. EVE player Chappy78 Chapman posted the unfortunate news on the EVE forum that his cancer has returned and it’s terminal, and that June 23rd would be his final birthday.

Chappy invited everyone in the EVE community to join a large birthday fleet fight he was organising, and people turned out in droves. Chappy’s Birthday Bash saw over 2,000 players from different alliances and areas of the game pile into fleets for one almighty battle, along with EVE streamers and other community leaders. Community Manager CCP Convict attended the event in a Leviathan class titan, which was spectacularly blown up.

Tribute videos have been pouring in from the event, and EVE Online photographer Razorien has put together an incredible set of screenshots from the event. Some players have also called for a permanent wreck of Chappy’s Phoenix dreadnought to the installed in the system to commemorate this part of EVE Online‘s living history.

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