Nexon has shut down its California studio, canceling at least one PC title


Nexon’s main western studio is no more, as the gaming giant closed down its Irvine location this week and canceled the projects that teams were working on there. GamesIndustry estimates that about 60 employees were stationed at Nexon OC in California, all of whom appear to be out of work as of yesterday

“We deeply appreciate the commitment and output of the OC team, however projects in development there no longer fit with our focus on core creative competencies,” Nexon said to VentureBeat. “All permanent employees impacted by this decision will receive severance and outplacement assistance.”

Other studios, such as InXile, stepped up to point developers toward possible job solutions.

Former Carbine and Blizzard developer Stephan Frost confirmed the closure from the front lines. Frost joined Nexon OC in autumn 2017 to work on an unannounced PC game.

MMO fans will remember that Nexon has had a rough couple of years, with game cancelations, corporate struggles, dropped stock value, revenue dipsmerges, canceled contracts, and worst of all, multiple waves of layoffs, in particular in the west, leading to a union uprising in Korea. And the troubles didn’t end in 2019: MapleStory 2, for example, closed down in the west less than two months ago.

As always, our sympathies extend to the rank-and-file devs affected.

Source: VentureBeat, Games Industry, Twitter. Thanks Cameron!

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Bruno Brito
1 year ago

My thoughts and prayers for all the rank-and-file that are without jobs.

That being said…

I have a deep appreciation for Nexon suffering.

1 year ago

Nexon’s main western studio is no more, as the gaming giant closed down its Irving…

Yeah, the name of the CA city is Irvine

1 year ago

“Let’s sell!”

“Let’s not sell!!”

“Let’s implode instead!!!”

…my thoughts and best wishes go to those most affected by this. /bows

1 year ago

I guess it’s time to kiss a western release of Moonlight Blade goodbye. Denial doesn’t work forever.

1 year ago

It is disappointing and sad. But Nexon has been circling for a while now.

I don’t know, now would be the time to double down and invest. Video games got the Corona bump (my term) and I think more people have been brought into video games and will stay for a while.

And the shuttering of Maplestory 2 makes no sense from my perspective. It had it’s issues but it was a beautiful game. It could have easily grown into a very popular game if, like most MMOS, it was allowed to evolve.

Kickstarter Donor
1 year ago

Ouch, my heart goes out to all those who just lost their job over this.