Check out this magnificent unicorn man that we never got to see added to PWE’s MOBA Gigantic

He's a magic man, he's got magic hands


As I wrote in an op-ed before, I miss the heck out of Gigantic, the so-called “shooter MOBA” developed by Motiga and released by Perfect World Entertainment that was shuttered in July 2018 shortly after Motiga itself closed up shop in November 2017. In spite of its late arrival to the MOBA scene, my experiences with Gigantic were net positive, mostly owing to an appealing art style that made me fall in love with the character Mozu and try my best to get good at playing as her.

Yesterday would have been the game’s launch anniversary, and one of the game’s former concept artists, now a current lead concept artist at ArenaNet, marked the occasion by showing off this majestic, magic-wielding unicorn man. It’s a two-post thread, but it’s also full of images that show the character’s design process as well as a few skill shots and weapon ideas. It also speaks to the overall creativity of Gigantic’s roster design.

Frankly, this unicorn guy would have probably gotten me to stop trying to use Mozu purely on looks and perceived pettability alone. Once you see the images after the cut, I assume you’ll be able to appreciate why. That hair looks hella soft. You can also check out some of our previous coverage of Gigantic’s rise and fall below as well.

source: Twitter
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