Curse of Aros is a retro-styled mobile MMO of dungeon delves and monster loot


Remember how we pointed out the 16-bit-styled MMO DarkStory? Kind of looked like fun, right? If you’re looking for a similarly-styled MMO package on mobile, then you might be interested in Curse of Aros, a PvE-heavy MMO that’s out in early access. And if you clicked on that game’s link and were simply met by XP leaderboards, then might we direct you to the game’s wiki, which has actual game information.

According to highlighted info on the game’s Google Play and Apple App Store listings, players in Curse of Aros can roam an open world solo or in teams to fight monsters, discover bosses, and collect lots of loot to use or trade with others. The game also has resource gathering and crafting, as well as a High-Risk PxP zone for those who want some PvP and want to steal gold and unprotected loot from other defeated players.

The game is still expanding as it’s in early access, with the latest update adding shields, cooking, fishing, food to increase pet power, and new salt rock harvestables. The game is otherwise fully free-to-play at this time.

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