Early access MMO Dark and Light resurfaces for an anniversary sale

Early access MMO Dark and Light resurfaces for an anniversary sale

Hey, whatever happened to Snail Games’ Dark and Light? The last time we checked in with this game was back in October 2019, so let’s do a bit of a recap of everything that’s happened since then.

Well, that was a quick recap, wasn’t it? In all seriousness, Dark and Light has been all but silent since last fall except for running Halloween and Christmas events and throwing the occasional sale. There was also a problem with server transfers that resulted in lost data last November.

Currently, players are asking about possible console ports or additional updates, but right now, at least, Snail isn’t talking; the game is still in early access and has been since 2017. According to Steam Charts, a couple hundred people are still enjoying this title, which has a “mostly positive” user review rating on the platform.

Dark and Light is on sale at 45% off through August 3rd. This means that you can pick it up for $9.89 if you feel inclined.

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Lord Klaus

Dark and Light was just another ARK total conversion, and an especially unfortunate one. Some good ideas, more good than the original game. Even Atlas, that is another ARK total conversion is better than ARK. But D&L looks like have been abandoned since long time, and is more or less the destiny of any total conversion of another game. There is no real interest in the developer to keep improving something that is just a copy-reshape-paste of another game, no matter how many “potentially” interesting new things they would like or desire to add.
I’ve played D&L for some time, but the feeling that I had was the same I’ve had when I’ve played Atlas: oh yeah… ARK with different textures… how interesting… Uninstall the game… done!


This is why I don’t buy into Early Access. You’re getting games you have no idea if they will ever be completed and of questionable quality. What’s more, it’s not like a traditional alpha where you can expect your participa and feedback to matter. It’s a total crapshoot with Steam’s Early Access. You’re just as likely to get a combative developer who attacks their own players as you are to get one who cares and makes changes based on what those paying players report.

Kickstarter Donor

Another title that I’ve surprisingly been thinking about lately and wondering what was going on with.

That’s a bummer, and I hate that it seemed destined for this fate from the early days. It really feels like Snail Games pushed hard a few years back to break into the west with games like this and Age of Wushu etc., and has pulled back considerably after they likely didn’t perform well. IIRC they’re still big in the mobile space, so maybe they’ve just moved away from PC MMO’s and gone mobile.

Because looking at the Snail Games tag, it seems the only thing they’re actually supporting out west is Pixark?


Seems like it. PixArk still gets the occasional patch at least.

Dark & Light had some serious problems the last time I tried to play it. The main one being that stupidly powerful wraiths and undead would spawn constantly, basically everywhere, as an ongoing part of an event that apparently never ended. These undead are *stupidly* powerful, insanely aggressive, and even a low level wraith is more than capable of completely wiping out every single one of the guards in any of the starting towns if it happens to wander close enough to see them.

Until you level up enough to unlock the magic defense turrets they’re all but impossible to kill. I gave up up even trying to play after the third time my attempt at starting a base got completely razed to the ground. Oh, and unlike Ark there doesn’t seem to be any way to edit the .ini files and disable them.

I’d say that even if you like Ark, Dark & Light is more aggravating and grindy in nearly every way. And a feature it shares with Atlas is that *unlike* Ark, creature taming is difficult, incredibly tedious and almost entirely pointless. In Ark, you more or less “level up” and “progress” by taming more and more powerful pets to harvest, carry resources and fight for you. In Dark & Light, you spend ages taming a creature only for it to get it’s head ripped off by the equivalent of a passing level 15 raptor. Tamed creatures lose *massive* amounts of health and melee damage the moment they are tamed, to the point that a tamed pet fighting a wild one half its level will *always* lose. At least in my experience.

Personally, I feel that the game is abandoned and not even close to balanced. There are better survival games that are still getting actively updated. Not worth it, even on sale.

Toy Clown

I’ve looked into playing this game, but I’m confused about whether it’s been abandoned by development or not. From reading forums around the game, players talk about it being a good game if you can forgive the bugs and not to expect fixes as development has all but abandoned the game while they work on getting another near release. Even though cheap, I didn’t want to deal with an iffy game like that.

2Ton Gamer

It is intended to be Ark meets magic and at some degree it succeeds. Building is similar and it has taming although I was not as big a fan of their taming vs Ark’s. It lacks the polish Ark had (yes I know Ark has plenty bugs, but out of all of the survival games I’ve played, Ark still surpasses most), but was playable right out the gate. It had a content update, but I never checked on it after that. I would say it’s mostly dead as far as new content is concerned, but who knows? Maybe it will pick up again after the craziness.