Champions of Titan is shutting down at the end of August

Busting makes me feel lackluster.

Farewell, Champions of Titan, we scarcely knew you. The game is shutting down on August 31st, which means the game’s Steam page will be removed and it will be gone… again.

Wait, again? Yes, we’ve done this dance once before with Champions of Titan when it was called Wild Buster; we documented that whole sad saga here. Then-publisher Insel Games was kicked off of Steam amidst accusations of trying to artificially inflate the game’s sales and positive scores on the platform, with IDC Games taking the title over and rebranding back in 2018.

The fact that you probably forgot about the title after that 2018 rebranding fiasco probably also says all you need to know about the amount of attention the game has received since, making this one of those situations where it appears that the scandal was a problem but also the thing people were most likely to actually remember about the game. It seems unlikely that the title will receive a third stay of execution, so our condolences to the fans waving farewell in a month.

Source: Facebook via MMO Fallout
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