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See: World of Fishing and Trinium Wars.

Steam terminates its relationship with MMO company Insel Games over alleged review manipulation

It’s really unusual to see publishers outright booted off of Steam, but Valve has done exactly that to Insel Games following reports of review manipulation. It started with a Reddit post yesterday posting an alleged email from the company’s CEO lamenting the lack of a proper review score for Wild Buster and asking all employees to purchase a copy of the game along with leaving a positive review on the game page. Apparently whatever Valve found behind the scenes was enough to convince the company that the accusations were legitimate and terminate the relationship.

Players who already own copies of Wild Buster, Guardians of Ember, or any other Insel Games titles will still be able to play the games, and they can still be purchased through other sources, but new copies cannot be obtained through Steam. We’ve reached out to Insel Games for comment on the matter and will update this post with any response we receive. [Update: We’ve included the statement made to MOP via email below.]

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Wild Buster adds Serious Sam to its character lineup

Wild Buster is quickly becoming the home of old action FPS mascots with nothing else to do, like a version of The Expendables that’s somehow more self-indulgent. The game already has Duke Nukem on its lineup, but now Serious Sam has joined the lineup, allowing players to… well, shoot things. A lot. This is a character known for shooting things, not for his rich and fulfilling inner life.

It’s entirely possible that he has one, obviously, but players weren’t ever exposed to it. Unless we missed Serious Sam: An Examination of Proust somewhere along the way.

Much like the Duke, Sam is being added to the game at a later date, so don’t expect to jump into the game and immediately see him waiting for you. But he’s going to be there, if you really have a deep attachment to the character and just want to shoot something with him, anything. It is a game all about shooting, after all.

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Wild Buster is adding Duke Nukem to its lineup… really

Do you still have a deep emotional attachment to Duke Nukem, the star (ahem) of Duke Nukem Forever and endless memes about games which take an eternity and a half to release? If so, hey, you may be the target audience with Wild Buster adding Duke Nukem to the game’s lineup. If you’re kind of staring and blinking at the announcement… well, hey, it’s still happening, baffled or no. This is a thing that’s going on now.

If you’ve forgotten what Wild Buster is, well, it’s a science-fiction hack-and-slash MMOARPG that we’ve covered before. Refresher time!

No details have been shared about how Duke Nukem will be integrated to the game, but it seems like a hack-and-slash game is the right place for him. You’ll just have to fill your minds with speculation about the inclusion. At least you can be relatively certain it’ll be a better romp than his last solo title.

Source: Steam


Wild Buster is a new MMO made by Mad Libs, apparently

If you can’t create anything new, just slap together a lot of other things until you get something that sounds and feels vaguely fresh. Hey, we’re not knocking that approach; there have been a lot of wonderful games made that way.

So that’s why we’re trying to keep an open mind about Wild Buster, a newly announced title that incorporates mechanics and style from MMORPGs, MOBAs, action RPGs, and what looks to be a thinly veiled adoration of StarCraft. Developed by Nuri Works and published by Insel Games (Guardians of Ember), Wild Buster allows gamers to choose a specific hero to fight through waves of enemy mobs and enemy players, depending on one’s preference.

The game’s already been out for a while in Korea, but now Insel is working on bringing it to the west at an unspecified date. Early access for Wild Buster will begin next month, and fans should expect an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign this week to help with the localization and gameplay adjustments.

Check out the teaser trailer after the break!

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Guardians of Ember comes to early access on December 13

Hopefully you weren’t cursed by the fact that Guardians of Ember failed to meet its announced early access launch back in September. Obviously, the title was delayed from its public debut at that time, but the good news is that it finally looks like it’s going to happen. This week, the hack-and-slash MMO announced that it will be coming to Steam early access on December 13th.

Guardians of Ember looks like your typical Diablo clone, albeit with a few twists. It has a western-steampunk angle, a dual-class system, player housing, and an optional hardcore mode for those who like a game that rubs their face in the dirt. The MMO is being developed by Runewaker and will offer three editions when it arrives on Steam.

Stoke your curiosity by checking out the following pair of videos showing off the game’s character creation, skill tree, and gameplay.

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World of Fishing is now in open beta

I like to fish in MMOs. Which is strange because I don’t much like to fish in meatspace. My favorite MMO fishing mechanics were in ArcheAge, which is too bad since you can’t do much fishing in ArcheAge without getting stealth ganked by people who enjoy killing defenseless fishermen.

Maybe I’ll like World of Fishing better. Probably not, since it’s free-to-play with a cash shop, but I can hope, right? World of Fishing styles itself as an “online big game fishing simulator,” and it promises over 30 locations and 360 different fish, as well as a large variety of gear and boats.

World of Fishing is also in open beta as of… well, right now! You can see a trailer after the break.

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