Wild Buster is adding Duke Nukem to its lineup… really

So... huh.

Do you still have a deep emotional attachment to Duke Nukem, the star (ahem) of Duke Nukem Forever and endless memes about games which take an eternity and a half to release? If so, hey, you may be the target audience with Wild Buster adding Duke Nukem to the game’s lineup. If you’re kind of staring and blinking at the announcement… well, hey, it’s still happening, baffled or no. This is a thing that’s going on now.

If you’ve forgotten what Wild Buster is, well, it’s a science-fiction hack-and-slash MMOARPG that we’ve covered before. Refresher time!

No details have been shared about how Duke Nukem will be integrated to the game, but it seems like a hack-and-slash game is the right place for him. You’ll just have to fill your minds with speculation about the inclusion. At least you can be relatively certain it’ll be a better romp than his last solo title.

Source: Steam
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