EVE Echoes ties down a launch date of August 13, shares answers from another AMA


EVE Echoes has been eyeballing August as its launch month for some time now but never really bothered to nail down a calendar date until this past Saturday, where the devs confirmed a launch date of Thursday, August 13th. The announcement still points to the game’s ongoing pre-registration which will unlock a number of free goodies for the community as milestones are hit, though the tunnel for opening up that free shiny now has a visible light at its end.

In other EVE Echoes news, the devs have once more shared AMA answers in graphic form, with the Q&A focusing mostly on features and plans for corporations and alliances. Answers include confirmation that corps-created contracts and corps-built stations will be a thing, confirmation of an increased alliance size limit, the associated fees for corps and alliances, and many more. We’ve put together a gallery of these answers below for your perusal.

source: Press release, Twitter (1, 2)
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