Old School RuneScape brings changes to Revenant Caves, Last Man Standing, and Bounty Hunter (again)


Back in July, Old School RuneScape discussed a number of tweaks that were planned for PvP’ing in the game. As of this week, a number of those changes are live, with yet another adjustment to the Bounty Hunter minigame and changes to Last Man Standing mode and the Revenant Caves.

The headliner once again is Bounty Hunter, which has completely removed hotspots, maintained the PJ Timer mechanic on Bounty Hunter worlds (which are now called Target worlds), and makes Bounty Hunters protected for 20 seconds after taking down a target. As for rewards, Amethyst Arrows have been totally removed and Emblem rewards will be moved to Last Man Standing, though players with Emblems can still spend them at the Emblem Shop until December. What remains are Bounty Hunter hats that can be purchased at Ferox Enclave, along with Hunter’s Honor and Rogue’s Revenge hats that are free of charge for those who meet certain requirements.

All of these adjustments are part of Jagex’s ongoing efforts to combat botting and farming. “These latest changes are drastic, but ultimately, they are necessary for the health of both PvP and the wider game,” asserts the post.

In addition to Bounty Huner adjustments, this week’s update makes some Last Man Standing changes. Players whose opponent logs out mid-combat will get a kill and all related rewards; players are now required kill at least one other player before being awarded any points; and each point will now be worth an average of 15,000 to 20,000 GP when exchanged for items in Justine’s shop. Revenant Caves have also been adjusted with a nerfing to the damage reduction stat on the Bracelet of Etherium and a rebalancing of loot drop tables.

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