Tree of Savior is bringing back high-speed leveling Growth Servers on August 11


If you happened to have missed out on the last time high-speed leveling servers were added to Tree of Savior, then you’re in luck: IMCGames is doing it again. Starting on August 11th, players will get to experience a 300% boost to XP and looting chances, a 20% bonus to Ichor Extraction, and reductions to Enhancement costs, Stage Transcendance costs, and the number of Raid Portal Stone requirements for entering unique raids while on these Growth Servers.

Players can pre-register for these new servers between now and August 11th and get a variety of rewards for doing so like XP Tomes, vouchers, and other boosts, while those who make it to level cap can reap even more rewards. Additionally, players who have a low-level team of characters can delete their team in order to make way for the new season server team. There are also a variety of events that will launch with the new servers.

The Growth Servers will stay up between August 11th and November 10th, after which point they’ll be merged with the game’s regular servers. There are some pretty pictured details on this landing page while more granular details can be found on the game’s site.

sources: official site (1, 2, 3) via Reddit

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High speed leveling? ToS is already as fast as it gets. I tried getting back to it last year and i was one shotting everything while blazing through levels. A highly unenjoyable experience for a new player..


If it was some growth event in the main servers I’d be all in. However, I don’t intend to start a new team just to get in on this.