Old School RuneScape adds the Ferox Enclave Wilderness hub and talks about the future of PvP


When you’re in the Wilderness PvP area of Old School RuneScape, you’re probably eager to find any place that resembles a safe haven. In which case, you’ll be happy to see the Ferox Enclave, a frontier town hub that’s been added with the latest patch. This location features amenities like a bank, a pub, a chapel with rejuvenation pools, as well as lobbies for the Last Man Standing and Clan Wars minigames.

In addition, this update has transformed High Risk worlds into Very High Risk worlds, which effectively means that PvP players will lose all of their items whether they’re unskulled or not. The Items Lost on Death interface and login messaging on these worlds have been updated to reflect the changes, so you can’t say you weren’t warned.

Finally, the post notes a few planned updates to PvP as a whole. The first is a reduction of the damage reduction stat on the Bracelet of Ethereum, which will be monitored to see the effect this has on the popularity of the Revenant Caves, as well as an alternative to the Revenant Caves entirely. Jagex is also planning on some adjustments to the Bounty Hunter minigame, like adding a PvP World-style PJ Timer in the interest of fairness, a shift of rewards to Last Man Standing in order to combat botting, and considering other incentives for PK’ing.


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