WRUP: Eliot’s power is still kaput, so behold, I am Eliot now

Everything's about proper literacy with you!

The part of Eliot in today’s WRUP will be played by Bree. Unfortunately, Bree is not nearly as funny as Eliot and is very bad at writing bizarre and unexpected WRUP introductions, so you can go into the comments down below and leave Eliot a message about how much you hope his annoying city fixes his power post-hurricane so that he can resume writing about robot swans playing chess or the most effective way to slash tires with a frisbee (those tires had it comin’) or that time he went to the corner market and bought 500 pounds of chocolate. For no reason.

You can also drop into the comments with an answer to What Are You Playing this week. You can even answer the bonus question: What’s your favorite not-at-all-multiplayer video game of all time? It’s not the GOAT… it’s the FNATAMGOAT. Go.

Andrew Ross (@dengarsw): Saturday’s a Pokemon Go Magikarp Community Day, but I think I’ll mostly be doing that for the exercise, as I’ve had too many shiny magikarp and not enough exercise thanks to GDC. Sunday night will be Animal Crossing because I am loving the new fireworks (Asheron’s Call fans, check the pinned message on my Twitter!).

I always struggle with this question, but I’m going to tackle it in a different way. My top favorite single player games are Earthbound, Mother 3, Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, and Undertale. I won’t say why I can’t choose between them, but suffice it to say they all lean on subverting traditional JPR tropes, have multicultural casts, and deal with games in a metatextual way that literally involves the player.

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): I mentioned last week that I am a tad burned out on SWG Legends. It’s not SWG’s fault or Legends’ fault; it’s mine. I fell into a rut where I had obligated myself to keep my shop stocked to a certain level that I clearly can’t maintain with all the people in the game right now, and I need a lil break while I figure out what I’m going to do and how I can scale back to something more manageable. I don’t want to raise prices because I feel as if mine are already high. So while I think up a plan, I’ll probably be in the Shire instead.

If I had to pick only one truly single-player game, it’d probably be Morrowind. My wrist problems meant I barely played it when it came out, but when I got back to it a few years later, I was blown away by how far the franchise and open-ended RPGs had come.

Chris Neal (@wolfyseyes, blog): I’d like to do some things in Final Fantasy XIV. I’d like to maybe try out some more Black Desert leveling. Maybe even get a few matches of Fall Guys in. I’d like to do all those things, but what will likely happen is I will continue to be wholly consumed by Hardspace: Shipbreaker.

Which segues rather neatly into the bonus question, as that game is extremely compelling. I’ve also gotten deep in to Ghost of Tsushima. Plenty of single-player delights out there.

Mia DeSanzo (@neschria): We are in the middle of major home repair and cleaning, so it will be a light gaming weekend. I will probably be in Black Desert again, still trying to wrap things up on the seasonal server.

My all-time favorite single player game would probably be The Sims.

MJ Guthrie (@MJ_Guthrie, blog): I am playing a special DLC of Tetris. It’s the moving van edition. When I beat all the levels there, I will be doing Moving Simulator, where you have to drive a giant truck that’s towing a car across highways and through a bunch of major cities. The goal is to reach my destination without incident. Wish me luck!

I am not sure I have ever played a not-even-a-little-bit-multiplayer video game except for Baldur’s Gate way back in the day (and then a virus destroyed my PC, including the game save where I was right at the end and I could never bring myself to replay it to actually finish). Even online Euchre was multiplayer, hehe. Since I don’t use the multiplayer mod, I guess Subnautica gets the crown for my favorite.

Sam Kash (@thesamkash): Not too much gaming this weekend. I think I officially decided to wait on completing the Guild Wars 2 saga until after the voice acting can be added. I’ve also been trying out a ton of different MMOs that I never put much or any time into. We’ll see if any stick.

Favorite single player game for me will be Chrono Trigger or maybe FFVII.

Tyler Edwards (blog): I’m on a tight deadline for my other job, so I’ll mostly be slaving in the RPG mines all weekend. If I can find the time, I’d like to get in more StarCraft II prestige leveling, and maybe jump into the Steam release of Horizon Zero Dawn.

Bonus question: This is surprisingly hard, because there a lot of games I tend to think of as single-player because that’s the only way I ever played them, but they did technically have multiplayer modes. I kind of want to say The Park, but that almost feels like a cheat since it’s a spin-off of TSW. Otherwise I’d say it’s probably a tie between Oxenfree or We Happy Few, with an honorable mention to Remember Me.

Pierre, Patron: Another The Last of Us weekend, switching between The Last of Us Remastered NG+ and The Last of Us Part II. On the MMO front, I’m still playing Final Fantasy XI. Did you know this MMO was on maintenance mode – doesn’t seem like it is, does it? There’s still a lot of people in game; for such an old MMO, it’s a very nice surprise.

Bonus question: Tomb Raider is probably my favourite solo game of all time. It’s become a legend of a game, and was the first game I played on PC.

Every Saturday, join the Massively OP community and staff for What Are You Playing, our roundup of what MMORPGs and other games we’re hoping to play this weekend (with a bonus question or two for our amusement). Tell us what you’re up to! Go off-topic! And don’t forget to have fun!

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Ashfyn Ninegold

I lost a whole day of gaming this weekend as my tech support (ie., husband) decided it was time to replace what he described as ‘antique’ external hard drive. (Waaah! I’ve only had it, counts on fingers, 10 years??) The one with a 1.1 million gaming files on it. The transfer to the new super-duper 4 terabyte drive took about 23 hours, but it’s done now and everything’s jake.

FFXIV continues to hold my attention. Since this is my third character, I am just now starting to get into areas I have not been in before, so I’m looking forward to that.

On the not-mmo front, Steam suggested I try Earnnorth Reborn, a solo indie dev deck builder/card battler. I’m fascinated by these games, mostly because I truly suck at them. This one, Steam promised, would yield a Very Positive experience. (That maniacal laughter is me. Steam is so cute sometimes.) But no, I did not have my usual refunding-now-because response. For one, no lanes. For another, actual battle, not the silly Magic the Gathering style of resources and this not and that not and other what not. Anyway, had a great time with it and looking forward to more.

My life as a Roman grunt in A Legionary’s Life continues apace. Fight, die, repeat.

My best buds over at Amplitude dropped another scenario for their upcoming 4x Humankind and that’s first on my agenda now that my rig is available again.

Bonus question: My immediate response is Warlords II and III, created by the original SSG (Strategic Studies Group) and just a superior 4x game before anyone knew that’s what it was. Now available on GOG. The replayability was immense. In terms of modern games, I’d have to say the Civ and Elder Scrolls franchises.

That’s it for me. Wishing everyone an excellent week. Stay safe.


…spouses and friends always seems to = good tech support. <3

Lethia Myune

I fell back in that sweet half-love with mmorpgs again, it usually happens once a year during summer lol. So this year/summer my pick was catching up with SWTOR and taking the final steps in becoming a Legendary Player aka finishing all the class stories. I though i got that done but apparently that monotonous militaristic trooper is still not there yet. I even subscribed because it’s easier to have fun like that but even as a f2p is very easy to finish the stories up to a certain point. I just prefer to throw some money at them once every few years in hope they make a difference. But, it’s never enough for EA to take Bioware out from the hole they ended up in recent years. Anyway as i said SWTOR full time and melting it this horrible heat.Disgusting >.<

Bonus question: it has to be Dragon's Dogma but it's weird, it does have a certain multipayer part in it in the shape of Ur Dragon. That is one idea i love and would like to see more often. You go and poke the dragon and all the players combined poking at it will eventually down it and you get your rewards when you come back to it. Single-multiplayer done right.


Anthem! Pootling along and just got my second Javelin. It reminds me of Firefall for the brief period when it wasn’t rubbish.

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Jack Pipsam

Finally got my computer fixed, for like the last year and so my desktop randomly would blue-screen itself out of the blue, sometimes in the middle of games or just sitting idle. It might not do it for a couple days, or it might do it three times in one day. I kept on trying to fix it myself doing this or that, but I finally gave up the attempt. I decided to get it looked at by the computer shop now for two reasons, one I am doing video editing again and I’m worried that if it crashes during work it might end up corrupting the external hard-drive where the film is stored on and secondly because I haven’t a clue if regional Victoria will go into Stage 4 restrictions like Melbourne is which might mean the computer shop has to close its doors.
So anyway turns out the problem was I buggered the SSD, meaning I couldn’t have ever fixed it on my own as it was a hardware problem lol. One of the sectors went bad in it, but for some reason the SSD also didn’t know one of the sectors was bad, so apparently SSDs work by having files fluidly move around the drive in order to keep itself healthy, meaning that if the OS critical files flowed into the bad sector BAM! Blue-Screen, so that’s why it was random.

Still at least it provided a convenient excuse to upgrade to a 1TB NVMe drive. I re-downloaded a few games, only MMO so far I have on the SSD is Phantasy Star Online 2 as I do very much desire to give it another shot. I’ve now let my WoW sub lapse, I was considering DDO despite the news of all technical problems standing stone has.
I crave to play PlanetSide 2 again, I loved that game so much and its painful to see all the new stuff they have now added with its renewed interest, only for my local server to be now dead, the ping in an FPS is just too high for me to enjoy.

Before my computer fix I began to play some Halo again with my friend, love classic Halo so much. I guess I can’t include it as the bonus question answer as it’s also part multiplayer, but damn Halo 3 might not be the game I am most nostalgic for, I’m so glad MCC is on PC now.
It’s my birthday today, twenty-five-years-old, I already feel like relic in the internet world with these tiktoks and shit I don’t understand haha, what a time to be looking to the future when the global economy is absolutely buggered. Still I am extremely lucky to have a job, funny that working in a normally unappealing retail job of a petrol station turned out to be stable af than if I was to have used my film degree for anything lol.

We have to wear masks now in my state, I don’t mind wearing them at work or going to the shops, no problem with that at all, but I hate wearing them while wanting to for a walk around where I live, also hurts not being able to see any friends with having vistors made illegal, but I know it’s all for the best. This’ll be another look six-weeks for Victoria. I envy WA and the other states that’s for sure. Although I know they all hate us right now as we threw a major spanner in the works for our economic recovery.

Of course it might all be for nothing for as long as dickheads keep on deciding they’re better than wearing masks /sigh
Wear a damn mask and this’ll be over with.

Bonus Question: Oh gosh, I love a lot of single-player games, I suppose Breath of the Wild is my stand out of recent years. Just the freedom to run around is like a dream come true and even though I played it on my Wii U I still had a blast.

Stay Safe everyone, it’s a mad world out there right now.

The Weeb formerly known as Sray
The Weeb formerly known as Sray

I’m alive and well. Since the core games industry seems uninterested in my money, I’ve found alternative pastimes. Up to my neck in a gigantic home server project that has me building, ripping apart and then rebuilding all the PCs in my house; ripping and re-encoding two decades worth of DVDs and Blu-rays; and even messing with AI software to upgrade some of those old DVD movies to 4k. It’s kind of a gigantic time sink, but so are video games.

When I am gaming, I’m playing Horizon Zero Dawn on PC: it’s beautiful. I also have a few games on Stadia I fire up occasionally. For those wondering Elder Scrolls Online on the Stadia is a crappy experience made even worse by being on Stadia.

I’m out. See y’all again eventually I’m sure. Be careful out among the English.


I’ve got a friend presumably on the east coast too who’s vanished since Isaias hit the east coast, so hoping she’s been offline for similar reasons in regards to power still being out.

This weekend has been a weird mix of stuff. I picked up Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition on the Switch last weekend and have been binging on that since it’s great fun. Might also pick up Breath of the Wild off of the Nintendo Store even though I already own it on my dust-covered Wii U, because why not.

Also dove back into TESO yesterday because I apparently didn’t want to wait for XIV’s patch in a few days and got bored of the WoW grind. Also going to grind some Praetorium runs in FFXIV to finish off my moogle tomes. Then I also got some accessories for my PS Vita as I plan to see if I can play games off of my PS4 remotely with it so that I might finally get some more progress made on the few PS4 games I own.


The most important thing to remember, I’d say for this, is a famous quote from Uncle Benjy from that one crawling hero man story.

With great (loss of) powser [sic], comes great (Eliot)ibility [sic]

Which led Pete Parkers and his little brother Peter Parkers to change their names to Michael Maronna and Danny Tamberelli respectively and make a show about their lives called ‘The Adventures of Pete & Pete’.

Uncle Benjy didn’t make it unfortunately… He’s a bus driver for the city with an abhorrent sense of direction. Got lost during the premiere of it, and some say he’s still driving in circles in the middle of Nowhere, Nevada.

And while I start remembering some other 90s television shows?

Bug Fables. Bug Fables. It is scratching the old-school Paper Mario itch something fierce for me, so I’m indulging on a ‘Hard-Mode’ only first run. It is great, plain and simple.

Other than that I’ll be likely spending a day or so in FF14 to just… grind… out MSQ for Mog tomes, maybe tomorrow. And… Phantasy Star Online 2 finally finished downloading for me since its release on Steam–I’m just… contemplating when I want to play it now.

Other than that? And leading into Bonus Question?
Well… this is always fluid for me, but anything Yoko Taro tends to really hit me in a way a lot of other games might come short. It is easy for me to proclaim my love for FF7 for properly introducing me into RPGs, or for Mario RPG and Paper Mario 64 for its snappy writing and fun mechanics and style. Or Guilty Gear/Blazblue for investing in story modes and actually giving people who don’t really enjoy the competitive aspects of Fighting Games (like me) something to enjoy playing in. I never play to win, I play to have fun… that’s all I want.

But then you have… Drakengard, and its honestly wild and dark story that enjoys nothing more than twisting you around. You have Nier, which isn’t afraid to represent its characters naturally and unabashedly without throwing every little thing in your face to make it painfully obvious. The gameplay might be a little rubbish depending (that first Drakengard title is like broken nails across a chalkboard for gameplay), but everything else elevates it so much more than that single aspect drops it.

Nier Automata is… king, for all of that. It’s so good, its in my favorite MMO. The gameplay isn’t actual arse! And the story and music and callbacks… God, those hit me hard. Which is why I’m looking forward to the Nier remake, and even the Nier mobile game since the music in that is… It just hits, and unfortunately its all been scrubbed so no more listening for me while I wait… Which is a bloody shame. But at the moment and since its release, Automata has been my number 1.
FF7 remake is close though… but its hard to really give it any definitive spot until the whole of FF7 remake is released. It stumbles hard near the end, but it definitely has room to either blossom into something great… or hang itself by its own rope.

Malcolm Swoboda
  • Wizards Unite – Moved on from the first repeat event, and I did a bunch of ‘dungeons’ for the Community Day today, though I don’t feel like doing anymore for further rewards.
  • Another Eden – Taking a bit of a break, only logging in, but to get me hooked again I decided to start into the further main storyline a little.
  • Suspended: SWTOR, Magikarp Splash, Sub to my Adventure, Coromon
  • Logins: Magia Record, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, Blade xLord
  • Villagers and Heroes – Just checked it out a little, in curiosity about a mobile MMO that I both can run without slowdown, while not being as ugly as like Runescape Classic
  • Last Cloudia – Two events happening at once, but I’ve done almost all the gist of one of them (still grind I can do, but more optional), and I’ll try to rush the second one. New main story did release, but I’ve done little of it. I’m actually getting quite a bit behind in content, but that’s okay. I’d say this ‘Season’ of the story is probably almost over, and it’ll be done either by the end of the year or the earliest of next year.
  • Tales of Crestoria – Buggy, buggy mess. But okay. I’m done Story Chapter 4, and into Chapter 5. Basically completed the main stuff of one event going on, and working on the second, but without a rush because apparently both are going to return sooner than later due to SO MANY BUGS. Its really only the aesthetic charm and the very enjoyable storyline and dialogue that keeps me going.
  • Distancing Hangouts – N/A, though talking about doing some stuff. Headed to a friend’s for BBQ but its all backyard with possible screen up for projecting a film, instead of sitting near each other.
  • Final Fantasy XIV! – Not a whole lot, though I’ve wanted to. I’d wake up too late to fit gaming in, then keep myself busy til late afternoon, then its dinnertime, partner-gets-to-PC-game time, and then when I want to game… I Youtube or slumber on the couch instead! Lv 10s Conjurer and I’m not quitting, just going slowwww.

Partner finished the main Protoss campaign in Starcraft 2, is proceeding with the Epilogue, and will do the Nova missions after. He’s also finishing Astral Chain up and presumably playing Animal Crossing.

Played a match of Quake Champions for the hero unlocks. If this game ever leaves ‘early access’, I’d like to be grinding for their appearances, not hero kits themselves. Tried a couple hours (on GFN) of the sandbox Boundless, and its both intriguing and boring. Definitely one of the crafting games you want friends for, but while it has a low playerbase now, it seems they’re super chatty on the forums.

The content I started. I’ll likely just push through the main story gist and then return to the base game grind/completionism:


This week: I am stuck on pigtails, ’cause pigtails stuck on me…

Also this week: Finally something to show for this time! Well, sort of…as it’s very incompleted at this point, but it’s at a stage I am willing to show where it’s a least going. As the the idea of it is mostly there…

“So what are we looking at, Uta? There seems to be a lot of machine thingies in it.”

…oh, err…I wanted emulate an industrial landscape where imposing structures that serve some unknown purposes litter the landscape. Similar if one was to poke around Zug island (Detroit)…or any industrious major city areas where blackened machinery and respective factories dwarf everything around it. But if one was to look into it long enough, like staring at elaborately patterned wall paper on a hit of acid, they start to take monstrous proportion, seemingly coming to life. But juxtaposed in the foreground a magical, mystical world takes place that seems wholly unconcerned about it, going on with there daily life…as weird robot thingies continue to make repairs and adjustments to this machine world. Or something like that…

(I almost lost my breath there for a moment!)

…so please see rough photo of artwork attached and figure it out for yourselves!

As well as: I am st that stage in WoW again, where I don’t really feel like logging into it anymore ’till the next expansion arrives. I still do though. Blade & Soul is getting more my attention in the WoW’d out boredom in the meantime. o.O

Bonus Answer: Oh, that’s Ms. Bree? Something about Mr. Eliot and hurricanes? O.o

And have a great week and weekends folks! And please stay safe…no matter how careless and stupid others are around you! /sigh


PS: Oh right…there was a bonus question. A little less obvious than I am used to…but still a bonus question. So without further ado…

Bonus Answer Amended: World of World of Warcraft. And FreeCell. O.o

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I always love seeing your artwork, Uta. Thank you!


No thank you, for not laughing at it. :)

Kickstarter Donor

I was enjoying my replay through EQ2…until I wasn’t. The MMO neophyte friend I roped into joining me dropped away after finding it all a bit too overwhelming, and running eight characters in tandem just to level crafting became a slog. I’m checking in for the Overseer dailies, but it’s a mechanical process. As for the character I’m soloing, I’m finding the memories of the zones I’m in too fresh to feel any novelty in the process again (even if I played them half a decade ago), and I’ve still got half a dozen to get through before reaching any content that’s new to me. Still jonesing to play an MMO, but surveying everything else I’ve also played to repletion (even after buying the latest expansions for ESO and FFXIV) excites naught but ennui.

For the past few weeks, I’ve just been watching Korean dramas and sci-fi TV series, which is something I haven’t done in years, actually.

When it comes to favorite single-player game, I guess I’m a bit of an outlier as it’s undoubtedly The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Loved the tongue-in-cheek humor that suffused so much of it, the bucolic forests and meadows, and the luminous musical score.