Wizard101 talks up the arrival of Karamelle, Pirate101 collects community guides

How are you this way.

The August 2020 newsletters for both Pirate101 and Wizard101 are both live, each with their own little tidbits of information and community goodness for those following along with either game. Or even following both games. You can totally be a fan of both games.

For Wizard101’s newsletter, it’s mostly all about the recently released summer update, which was also the focus of the KI Live developer broadcast, with several folks from KingsIsle Entertainment talking about the latest content as well as the announcement of Karamelle. Incidentally, there’s a new Twitter account that promises details about Karamelle and her company over the coming months.

The newsletter for Pirate101 is a bit more thin, with its primary highlight pointing to a newly opened community guides web page, offering up a variety of tips for both new and veteran players of the game. Otherwise, it links to the same KI Live broadcast and also shared several community creations. On the subject of that KI Live broadcast, we’ve embedded that below in case you missed it.

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