Meridian 59 honored the late MMO developer Brian Green in yesterday’s memorial


Last week, we covered the tragic news that Brian Green, better known as Psychochild around here, had passed away, far too young at the age of 46. He was one of the founding fathers of the MMORPG genre, given his work on and later stewardship of Meridian 59.

And Meridian 59 came out to pay its respects in a big way yesterday during an early afternoon memorial.

“Forever will he be a part of the fabric of Meridian 59, player and developer memories,” the game’s Twitter account said. “Thank you for everything you did for so many Brian Green. We’ll miss you always.”

Twitch streamer Maulgrim, who served as Green’s podcast co-host, streamed the memorial inside the game for those who wouldn’t make it.

There was an earlier memorial in Final Fantasy XIV as well, hosted by his guildies there; if you have footage we can share with the MMO community, please let us know.

Source: Twitter, Twitch
As it turns out, Maulgrim kindly sent us the link to the FFXIV memorial service as well for those who missed it, along with screenshots of the whole service. o7

Arl’s Memorial

The Meridian 59 devs have continued posting more memories today.

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