Meridian 59 and Storybricks’ Brian Green has passed away at only 46


It’s with a very heavy heart today that we report that Brian “Psychochild” Green has passed away at a relatively young age. Green was an MMO developer who was deeply involved with Meridian 59, a frequent blogger, and a co-creator of Storybricks, the software that EverQuest Next purchased for its development.

Sad to share the news that Brian Green, game developer, passed away of natural causes in Rockville, Maryland,” one of his friends posted on Twitter and Facebook. “He was 46 years old, well known in the game developer community for running the early online multiplayer game Meridian 59 from 2001-2010.”

The MMO industry reacted to this news with grief as several prominent developers paid their respect to Green’s life:

“I’ve known Brian for almost twenty years,” Koster said in another tweet. “He was always a kind person, dedicated to fostering communities. Fun to hang out with, great to debate. He was dedicated to keeping Meridian 59 alive for years.”

Green was a good online friend of mine, and we spent several years playing Dungeons and Dragons Online together. He always had a great sense of humor and a passion for delving into MMORPG worlds. I very much enjoyed his online essays, and I applaud the work he did in keeping Meridian 59 alive for so long.

Friends and fans will be welcomed to a pair of online memorials in his honor.

“Those who wish to donate to a charity in his name may donate to Because of the pandemic, there will not be an in-person memorial, but there will be an open Zoom conference at a date yet to be announced. For those who are members of the Final Fantasy community, there will be an in-game memorial on the Mateus server on Friday, August 14, at 9pm Eastern, in Ward 17, plot 49, in the Goblet housing area. For those not in that community, it will be recorded and the memorial comments can be viewed later.”

You can read more about Green’s legacy with Merdian 59 in our Game Archaeologist column.

Source: Twitter, Facebook. With thanks and hugs to Ocho.
Maulgrim, Green’s cohost on the GrimTalk ft. Psychochild podcast, reached out to us to let us and our readers know about how to join the memorial Friday, since you don’t need to be a FFXIV subber to attend; you can just grab the free trial version. The Condors of Uldah group welcomes anyone who needs help finding the Goblet housing district for the memorial ceremony to email thecondorsofuldah [at] for assistance.
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