WRUP: Things you could do if you had twenty fingers on each hand edition


Thing the FIRST: Play the piano really well with way less hand movement.

Thing the SECOND: Play a flute really well.

Thing the THIRD: Play two flutes at the same time, but not as well.

Thing the FOURTH: Play… wait, why would you be doing the fingering for two other people playing the flute at the same time? And why would you need so many fingers to do that in the first place?

Thing the FIFTH: It just seems to me as if the premise here doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Why would you quadruple the number of fingers on your hands? Wouldn’t having additional hands make more sense and allow you access to a wider variety of things to do?

Thing the SIXTH: Plus, your palms would be enormous, so that would provide other impediments to using your fingers effectively. I guess I just don’t get this premise.

Thing the SEVENTH: Alligator wrestling.

Thing the EIGTH: What Are You Playing

Bonus question: Are you still friends with anyone you were friends with from school? Before college/university, that is.

Andrew Ross (@dengarsw): Pokemon Go for exercise mostly. If I can use my daily raid pass for a Mega Raid, I’ll do it (as I pray for spoofers or car people), but since learning of the disappointing way they were released, I’ve been saving remote passes for Pokemon that won’t de-evolve on me. Animal Crossing will get a bit of attention too. I also picked up Armello, a virtual board game for PC. It’s like a mini self-contained Game of Thrones. It’s been pretty fun, though I’ve yet to win an online game. Wish me luck this weekend though!

I actually didn’t have that many friends in high school, and the only one I’m vaguely in contact with isn’t really a friend. Oddly enough, I do have a friend from middle school who was actually my patron in Asheron’s Call! She’s also my first boss not related to me, haha.

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): My usual combo – I’ve been very lightly doing some Star Wars Galaxies Legends factory stuff, nothing to cause burnout, just to have some easy stuff ready to go for myself when I dive back in. My thing right now is running armor segments, six sets of 1000 at a time, three times, then turn all those into cores all at once, then I’ll probably batch armor in crates too, even though it’s losing money. It was the manual armor crafting that was half my distress last time, so I am hoping this helps me. Plus it takes literal days to run each batch anyway. But mostly I’ve been playing in The Sims 4, prepping for the Star Wars pack next week!

Bonus: Not really, with the exception of my husband. (I met him in school, but we didn’t actually get married until way after college, with plenty of life in between.) I moved away from home in a time before social media as we know it now. My online friends have lasted decades longer, but of course I could take them with me from move to move.

Chris Neal (@wolfyseyes, blog): I’m going to have another, deeper swing at some seasonal server romping in Black Desert as a primary focus, as well as a bit of hunting now and again in Dauntless. Otherwise, I’m eyeballing the remaster of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 as a palate cleanser; by all accounts, this remaster did things extremely right by the series.

Bonus question: No.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): Some Final Fantasy XIV prep ahead of next week’s patch, a chunk of Marvel’s Avengers, and maybe one or two other things as I feel the impulse. I’m trying not to lock myself into anything.

I actually did maintain several of my high school friendships moving into college, but we did drift apart; however, out of nowhere it turns out I was actually working right alongside a former classmate a couple of years back. We just kept not running into one another. That was a fun reunion.

Tyler Edwards (blog): Still working my way through Horizon Zero Dawn. I also picked up Remnant: From the Ashes on the Epic store recently, and I’m considering checking that out sometime soon.

Bonus question: Not really. I’ve exchanged emails with my elementary school best friend a few times as an adult, but we never seem to be able to keep any dialogue going.

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Dean Greenhoe

That is just about the number fingers I need to play those twitch combat games.

Malcolm Swoboda

Woops! Meant to post on Saturday but procrastinated. Well, here I am.

  • Wizards Unite – Did the second week of ‘First Year at Hogwarts’ event, now doing a Wizarding Weekend, which I think I’ll manage to finish. Lots of controversy in the community lately but I’m fully ‘sunk cost/time’ into this and I’ll probably play til it shuts down :P.
  • Last Cloudia – Continuing new story/content that opened up on the current ranking event, and I’m going to forgive myself for not completing the hardest parts of it. Getting at least most of the exclusive rewards for sure though, but there’s also the alchemy/upgrading system with time-limited upgrade pieces for the rewarded gear, so I still have to grind for that. As I do this event stuff, I’m catching up on old Hard story mission completions – getting there?
  • Tales of Crestoria – Basically finished the ‘late-summer’ event! Doing another one now, and working on Hard/Very Hard modes of story missions.
  • Distancing Hangouts – Lots of Remnant: From the Ashes! My friends I drew into the game are actually ahead of me. I just reached the 2nd world of 4/5(with DLC) but they’re doing more grinding and pushing head. We join together when we can. Its hard and the environments are too spooky for scared me. Its much
    better, and less spooky, with one or two players with me. But still, an optional boss on my randomized first world (Earth), ‘Riphide’, feels basically endgame-tier already -_-. It has all the annoying mechanics in one: lots of aoe waves to dodge, both strong melee and ranged capacity (but no focus), splits into 2, then 4, then 8 but all have a shared health bar so you just have to avoid/hit them all, a few of them will heal and you have to interrupt them with hits or else the health bar refills pretty quickly. Its all nasty. I’ll return when I’ve finished the 2nd world (Rhom) and gotten some AOE capacity. My friend has as flamethrower but I still feel we need to be more prepared.
  • World of Warcraft – Finished my Lv 10 on Turtle WoW for a reward event, but otherwise left it be.
  • The Division – Huh. Got it free from Uplay and I can manage to play it on Geforce NOW. I finished Brooklyn intro and I’m trying to figure out doing early missions without getting stomped.
  • Suspended: FFXIV, SWTOR, Magikarp Splash, Sub to my Adventure, Coromon
  • Logins: Another Eden, Magia Record (shutting down soon), Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, Blade xLord (shutting down soon), Villagers and Heroes, EVE Echoes

Partner is still playing Zerg in Starcraft Remastered, and he’s finishing Bevelle in Final Fantasy X! Its too bad his Switch version has such laggy battle menus and has even crashed a few times!

Malcolm Swoboda

Disregard my “Woops! Meant to post on Saturday but procrastinated. Well, here I am.” copied from last week. You’ve found my secret method!

Kickstarter Donor

Are you caught in a time loop? Do I need to call Doc Brown? :-D

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Ashfyn Ninegold

Civilization 6, while waiting for Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Re to come out on Tuesday. Australia, any victory, yes. A lot of The Last Epoch, which continues to be a exceptionally satisfying RPG. Have now gone through the campaign with a Paladin and a Shaman. Considering my next move. Dabbling a bit in Pathfinder.

Bonus: Yes, met my husband in high school, we married the year after graduation. Also, still friends with the gal who introduced us.

Kickstarter Donor

Well, last night I finished playing the single-player rpg game Greedfall on my PS4 and … I ended up really, really liking it.

It was one of those rare story-driven games which — at least for me — seemed to become more interesting as it went along. Exploration, action, mystery, and a twisty plot which kept twisting.

A number of times where I thought I’d figured out what would happen next (“Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!” :-) ). something else would happen instead.

Is the game perfect and flawless in all respects? No, of course not. What planet are you from, friend? :-) but the game, its story, and its characters held my interest throughout.

By this week I pretty much stopped playing every other game on my gaming roster just to play Greedfall, and see how its story turned out. That should tell you something, perhaps?

After I finished, I realized how grateful I am that mid-tier developers like the French dev house Spiders, who made Greedfall, still exist in this age of dominant megacorp developer/publishers like EA and ActiBlizz.

Why? Because Greedfall was a single-player rpg set in a fantasy world based on the colonialist 17th-century Age of Sail, and the game’s mechanics and structure homaged the sort of single player games Bioware used to make before it got absorbed by EA.

My point being that, without the mid-tier developers still out there, I don’t think a game like Greedfall would get made.

We talk a lot here on Massively about how the big game publisher megacorps tend to be trend-chasers, and how they tend to “play it safe” with the kinds of games they release, in order to minimize financial risk.

But chasing trends is less viable for the mid-tier outfits, because the big boys and girls do it so much better (and louder) with big marketing budgets, and so forth.

Basically, the mid-tiers have to zig while the big kids zag, to find their market niche, and I think we gamers benefit from that.

Is Greedfall for you? I have no idea. There are a number of gameplay videos up on YouTube as I type this. If you’re curious, take a look and decide for yourself, as always.

Take care of yourselves, and each other, and may you find good games to keep you entertained during these very strange times.



P.S. I promised a week or two ago to let you all know if Greedfall does NPC character romance. Yes, it does, but it’s not a constant aspect of the gameplay. You can romance a sweetheart (male or female) with your male or female player character, but other than a very smoochy PG-13 tryst (where the camera turns away before things get R-rated) and the fact that your love will address you affectionately whenever you speak to them in-game, it doesn’t dominate the game. I will say that I thought the “courtship” aspect of starting a relationship was handled slightly more realistically than in the Mass Effect games, and the coda of the relationship, which appears toward the game’s finale, carries a certain poignancy — but your character’s chosen love-life, or chosen lack thereof, is not central to Greedfall.

Bonus Answer: Much to everyone involved’s ongoing astonishment, my closest friends remain the friends I made in high school, even though we all live profoundly different lives, and are separated by significant distances now. Nothing like shared history to forge the bonds of friendship, I suppose.


FFXIV and maybe some Marvel’s Avengers. Might give Fallout 76 a download so I can be ready for One Wasteland or whatever.

Bonus Question: Technically yes but I don’t keep in touch with peeps outside of having them as Facebook friends and chit-chatting once in a blue moon.


This week: “Why are you so political at times, Uta?”


…oh right! Welp…there’s many reasons for that. Far too many to go here, so I’ll try to keep it to 2 or so:

1) Primarily, I can’t sit back and allow the world around me go to pot while pretending to escape into a game. Because when the world goes to pot, it goes to pot on the foundations to which games I play are built on. Just like an tornado that passed through my street down the road from me, never affected me in slightest…until the power goes out indefinitely. So yes, that becomes a detriment to my gaming efforts in a very big way.

2) Furthermore, am I really being “political” or just stating an observation that needs to be said? Balking at something that I find disparaging doesn’t mean I am running out and advocating for Joe Biden every time – Dear gods, Elune and Hitchens, no. It’s usually means, I can’t just let stupidity, ignorance and/or hate be given a chance. And since there is very little in the way of checks and balances to persuade that, I hafta say something. Especially when it becomes a distraction to game play. And even more so when it creeps into game play.

Maybe 3?) That said, keep in mind if anything I say is out of place, there is an admin in place with a pair of hefty gardens shears ready to prune back the pigtails if I get out of hand. So feel free to use the /report button. Because I may say something “political” deosn’t mean I am always right and/or inline. And the reader is certainly no way obligated to agree with me…or the pigtails.

So, yeah…

Also This Week: One more character to max level before the pre-expansion-crap-patch in WoW hits! Hope they don’t release that next Tuesday! >.<

…as well as, there is a point in Blade & Soul story line that's that just too depressing and traumatizing to work my 8 toons of Lyn through. They should call it Graveyard of the Fireflies arc! /bleh

Bonus Answer: We’ve all moved on apparently. :(

Have a great week and weekend folks! And please stay safe! /bows

Bryan Turner

Playing ESO still, as far as the bonus question in theory I’m still friends with people I knew when I was a minor if you count Facebook I guess (which I don’t, but then I just go to work and do solitary activity at home with my wife).

Toy Clown

This week I’ve been playing FFXIV and GW2. Before I dip in, I want to congratulate myself for being in an FC for more than a week so far. I haven’t accomplished this in several years!

Real Life: Sometimes I have to think of it as a game so I don’t break inside! This week brought costly car repairs, missed work, then having to work three shifts for the person who covered for me while I was out. Did a double yesterday and all I want to do is pull the curtains shut, turn off my phone, and dive into pretendy-fun times. Looking forward to doing that tomorrow!

FFXIV: More than ever I want to succeed in doing that trial so I can move forward in the MSQ and been working on getting Summoner to 80. Four more levels to go! Did some RP and maps with my new guild this week and had fun. It’s been so long since I’ve enjoyed playing with other people.

I was one of those that leveled crafting and gathering through the restoration project. Going in I realized I’d still have to learn how to play and been putting the time in to go back and do the quests associated with each gathering and crafting class. (It’s a long road, but got manipulation unlocked, which is pretty important!) After all these years of hearing about them, I finally figured out what the heck custom deliveries were! I unlocked all of those that I could that wasn’t locked behind the MSQ I hadn’t done yet. Through that, I also realized why I didn’t have a lot of recipes and found them! It was a week of discoveries!

GW2: I thought my GW2 gameplaying days were over, due to gaming sessions leaving my right wrist in crippling pain. Even removed it from my drive a few months back. Thanks to a thoughtful MoP reader, they linked Wooden Potatoe’s guides to QoL builds. Having nothing to lose, I dumped nearly 200 gold into outfitting my Necromancer. While I still have a few accessories to farm, I’m absolutely dumbstruck by how I can mow through mobs now, even bosses! I probably spent a few hours studying his videos. Once I recover that 200 gold, I’m debating which character to do next, Mesmer, Elementalist, or Ranger. I added a baby Asura to my cast of characters, bringing them up to 8! I used to make one new character a year to add to my corral of birthday gift-receiving characters that I never played except to insta-level and dress up. Since I have several unlocks under my belt, I’m holding onto them until I farm up all the easy and cheap skins I haven’t unlocked yet.

Bonus: Sadly, no. I was in school decades before the internet was even heard of outside of college basements, so we didn’t have access to easily keeping in touch with people. It became standard that people we lost track of would head off to college or moved away. Class reunions were huge. It was a great place to gather and rehash. I lived overseas and lost contact with absolutely everyone I had ever grown up with. Upon returning, I did run into a few people I went to school with, but socio-worlds divided us by that point. As someone used to living a cosmopolitan lifestyle and all that encompasses that mentally, it was difficult to interact with people I grew up with that never left their home town.

As the internet made the world small, it was easier to keep in contact with people. I’ve kept in contact with some people I’ve met since then. We even have a discord server that we use to keep in contact, sometimes just tossing music videos and memes, sometimes getting things off our chests. It’s nice to keep in contact!

Bryan Correll

You left out “Count to 40.”

Bonus: What’s this friend thing I keep hearing about?

Kickstarter Donor

We’re right here, Bryan :-)


I’ve removed all video games and systems I own from my life. The adjustment in some ways has been easier than expected but some unexpected issues have arose.

I never realized how much video games allowed me to forget the crap I experience on a daily basis at work. Ultimately, idk if unplugging will be good for my mental health or bad.


The question here becomes “why?” But if you don’t want to share your reasons for that, you most certainly don’t have to.

Either way though, good luck with that! And I hope it works out for you! /bows

Kickstarter Donor

All I know is that a large part of why I game is to get a “vacation” from the stresses and strains of real life. It’s cheaper than alcohol, and less risky than heroin. :-D

But seriously, only you know what works for you. If games provide a welcome diversion, you can always go back to them. If you find a better, happier way to entertain yourself and relive stress, more power to ya.

Whatever you choose, be well,